Kind of a secret drone disclosed during a photo shoot with Shoigu

The appearance of a secret drone uncovered during a photo shoot with Shoigu

Web site of the government of the Republic of Tatarstan, posted a photo of visiting Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu products exhibition companies defense-industrial complex of the republic. Trip Shoigu in Tatarstan was accomplished on February 5. According to the views of Russian professional in the industry UAV, Brain Web site editor Dennis UAV.RU Fedutinova on one of the photos (and then was removed) presents a model of the new Russian UAV being developed by OKB Kazan enterprise "Falcon", and coauthor of playing the St. Petersburg group of companies "Transas".

"This is the first image of a model Russian Impact UAV, Featured in the public domain ", — says Fedutinov. The photo is visible vysokoplan usual pattern with a huge wing extensions and 2 turboprop engines. Rear tail — V-shaped.

The appearance of a secret drone uncovered during a photo shoot with Shoigu

"Falcon" won the competition at the expense of the Ministry of Defence about 1 billion rubles. on the draft medium- UAV long duration of the flight and take-off weight of up to 5 tons in the research (R & D) with the code "Altius" in autumn 2011

According Fedutinova, unmanned apparatus "Altair" has become, in a sense analogous to the South American UAV RQ-9 Reaper, which is intensively used for attacks on the Pentagon militants in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen. At the current time machines of this class is exclusively in the United States and Israel. While European projects UAV class MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance — devices with medium-long duration of the flight) to the far end. As a result, the European NATO countries are obliged to refer to the United States in order to have a similar system. Our homeland, according to some reports, at one time expressed intrigued in acquiring BLAHeron and HeronTP in Israel, but has not received approval for it from the Israeli side.

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