Kind of Army XXI century realities of 2010

The shape of the Army XXI century realities of 2010

In the Russian Federation now has the unique ability for the creation of high-performance military, but that such army in the Russian Federation, in the end, there was a need to work hard. This announcement was made supreme commander, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, at the board meeting of the Ministry of Defence 17 March 2009 also open a discussion on the board, what instrument in the framework of the implementation of the municipal defense order (SDO) for 2009-2011 g will be purchased in the coming 5-6 years. The plan was to give priority to the strategic nuclear force, the cost of maintaining their combat capability of about 25 per cent of the funds allocated from the budget for the implementation of the state defense order. Total for the implementation of the 3-year GOZ has contributed more than $ 1.5 trillion. rubles.

Summed up the re Armed Forces in 2008, prepyadstviya open a discussion with the launch of "Bulava", conducted a detailed analysis of the military operation in South Ossetia, on which the conclusions were made about mistakes and omissions, just in terms of upgrading and modernization of the Armed Forces. In general, in 2009 and in the next two years, the Defense Ministry planned to finish on a package of measures to modernize and re-equip the Russian Armed Forces with modern instrument.

These plans included the acceleration of the development and modernization of intelligence and tactical communications systems, missile warning, radar stations for the Army. For the Air Force planned to accelerate the modernization of MiG-29, Su-25, Mi-28N, in addition to purchase the MiG-29, Su-27SM and Su-30MK2 fighters, helicopters Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-24M, Mi-8MTV5 , purchase ZRPK "Armour-C», also modify available anti-aircraft missiles. In the interests of the Black Sea Fleet was supposed to finish the work on the creation of a diesel submarine "Harmony" with a sonar system, modernizing diesel submarines "Varshavyanka" to accelerate the creation of a new large landing ship and BPRK like "Ball U". Have not been forgotten as far gallakticheskie Air Force and Air Force troops. It was planned that all these measures will in the coming three years to accelerate and increase the rate of re-equipment and modernization of the Armed Forces, as an updated promising species. The President decided, without looking at the monetary crisis to provide additional funds from the budget for the fulfillment of the objectives to ensure the GOS and the formation of a new kind of modern Russian army.

And now, after a year, March 5, 2010, at a subsequent meeting of the board Defence Supreme summed up and defined the tasks for the future. At this meeting, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that to ensure performance GOZ could "not without problems", and "mechanisms of implementation of agreements on procurement of arms are still under-performing." This alarming statement by the head of the country was based on the fact that out of the allocated budget funds, as it is above a trillion rubles, half of which was aimed specifically at re, most went for the implementation of various corruption schemes, virtually all of the steps of modernization, from the planning and formation of tenders prices to delivery of weapons and military equipment (AME) specifically to the troops. This is confirmed by the statements of head of the military prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky. According to which in 2010, for various speculation and fraud in the expenditure of appropriated funds have been convicted of more than 70 officers, including several high-ranking military officials, nervous 10s criminal cases. Joint audits prosecutors and Control Department of the President showed that the existing legal framework mechanism for defense suppliers has become a feeding trough for different dealers, the least thinking about defense. Acting on the base today virtually legitimizes the tightening of work and the extension of the contract for the growth of funding, together with the innumerable abuses and corruption means the division of the budget, the situation with the expenditure of funds is almost critical.

According to the views of Fridinsky, to suppress various abuses, exclude the role of intermediary firms do not have money and production to meet the criterion of tenders and withdrawal of funds from the real need to change the federal laws "On the municipal defense order" and "On placing orders for products performance works and services for municipal and urban uses. " Now, these laws allow turning contests going on performance works in profanity. In general we can say that now tasks of modernization and upgrading in the AGM resolved to "squeak" for the development of defense contracts are only considered as a method of assigning different means not untainted by hand dealers and schemers, with careless military officials and gaps in laws, regulatory orders. For example, in the past 2009 this led to the detriment of the State of 1 billion. rub. allocated budget funds. Time is it in terms of improving the situation is not enough, what has changed, there is much to ponder, to draw conclusions and take action.

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