Komoedov new submarine «Northwind» will allow Russia to reach parity with the U.S.

Komoedov new submarine
Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov confirmed that the Russian Defense Ministry and United Shipbuilding Company entered into a three state contract for the creation and delivery of nuclear submarines Project 955A «Northwind».

«Nuclear submarine project ballistic missile» Bulava-30 «are the priority standards of weapons and military equipment, defining a promising branch of the Armed Forces. Until 2020, adopted the Navy will go eight submarines of «Northwind» — quoted Anatoly Serdyukov, citing the press service of the Defense Ministry, «Interfax». — We expect that the industry cope with this challenge in a timely manner and with the appropriate quality. «

Head of the Duma Committee on Defense Vladimir Komoyedov believes that new nuclear submarine class «Northwind» missile «Bulava» will allow Russian strategic nuclear forces to achieve parity with the United States. They increment mobility strategic nuclear forces of Russia, he said.

«This is especially important in the criteria for the deployment of parts of the U.S. global missile defense system in different regions of the world. We have two-thirds of «nuclear shield» is in regular stationary launchers, and two-thirds of the U.S. nuclear weapons located on submarines. Do them all in motion, and we have almost all stands still «- allocated Komoedov.

Komoedov presided over the past Tula visiting session of the Duma Committee on Defense, which considered adopted on May 15 in the first reading the draft law «On the municipal defense order.»

According to Vladimir Komoyedov new instrument should predict aaplet formation, planning, and state procurement. and, of course, the problem of price formation. Apart from this, the head of the Duma committee for failure to state defense orders accepted responsibilities need tightening or liable, directly to the criminal.

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