Krasnoyarsk school students found that all people — relatives




Krasnoyarsk school Genealogical Society after studying family trees came to the conclusion that all the inhabitants of the planet falls to each other 14 yurodnym relative.

All the studies have led to the fact that by tracking ancestry of any person, you can find a relationship with another person, the degree of remoteness which is a maximum of 14 genera.

"During this work, we delve into the study of pedigree 20-30 generations as an example of family trees of our guys," — said on Monday the head of the school Genealogical Society Margarita Karnauhova. According to her, examined the fate of more than 12,000 people living in the ten centuries, reports "Interfax".


"It turned out that almost every student is a descendant of the famous historical person. Odin — closer to Leo Tolstoy, the other — to Alexander Pushkin, the third — has its roots in the family of the Roman emperors," — said Margarita Karnauhova.


Chairman of the Regional Historical and Genealogical Society Sergei Month, which is already more than 10 years has been studying genealogy questions, noted that research students are without a full-fledged scientific basis and are "not only interesting, but practically important."

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