Lightweight version of a suit Minesweeper Doubloon was tested in the criteria of the hot climate in peacekeeping missions

Lightweight version of the costume Minesweeper "Doubloon" has been tested in a hot climate in peacekeeping missionsLightweight option a suit Minesweeper "Doubloon"Has been tested in the criteria of the hot climate in peacekeeping missions. This ARMS-TASS was told in the press service of JSC" Institute of Steel "(CC" Concern "Tractor plants"), where a suit designed Minesweeper "Doubloon"And its lightweight option.

Both funds protection were presented at the exhibition dedicated to the Consultation on the equipment engineer units MO appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), which was held on May 17 on the ground NIITs ENGINEERING weapons FBU "3 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation." The meeting was the role of the heads of engineering services of the Defense Ministry and representatives of the industry engaged in the development and creation of safety equipment.

As noted by the Institute of Steel suit Minesweeper "Doubloon"Now is in service with the Defense Ministry. At the same time, according to the military," Doubloon "is one of the best defensive systems in the world sapper.

At the exhibition the attention of the military were also presented unique helmets and armor materials development Institute of Steel. Some of the exhibits were tested as part of the exhibition in the real work of search and demining simulators explosive devices.

The developers and the military during the meeting expressed their wishes and outlined ways of future development of PPE. Meeting allowed to make a major step towards the development of requirements to modern means of protecting the sapper, the source said.

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