Lima: Where was the fish?


20.10.11.Bolshe months of coastal villages of Lima and Luparevo Zhovtnevyi district appearance excites unknown barge, which drops something in the water with his board.

People believe that this is the remains of bottom sludge after cleaning the fairway. They are so polluted the waters that now there are almost no fish, and swim was impossible.

I must admit that this problem is for the residents of both villages is not new. In recent years, regularly, several times a year, an unknown barge swim to the shore very closely, for 300 yards, and throws something in the water. A place that "has chosen" uninvited guest, in shallow water, just opposite the village of Lima — one of the most beautiful places in our region.

Against an unknown perpetrator people up in arms is not irrational. The villagers noticed that the river was nearly empty of fish, although the old-timers will remember that twenty years ago right hand in the water could catch sturgeon to five feet long! Now water condition has deteriorated significantly, although visually everything seems normal.

Dmitry Ivanovich Lasko, a former village head Limanovsky:
— This problem occurs because the channel is always clean, and then spread in a mud on the river — sometimes three times a day.

Earlier in the estuary was a lot of fish. When fish feed was covered with mud, the fish was gone, she was left without food. Now, except for carp, who loves to dig in the mud, the other fish have almost no.
I myself — not a fisherman or a poacher, and the original inhabitants of the village, the former fishermen rybkolhoza them. Lenin themselves scratching their heads, what could happen in our area why not become a fish? They say the main reason that the bottom is covered with dead algae. And do not feed the fish.

Peter V. Godovanyuk, a resident of Lima
— For barge I see often. Here again today drove all night.

It is suitable to the coast, at about 11 pm. Throw out side trays and large pumps pumped them something, it can be clearly seen.
Headlights stew. Stand for 20 minutes, then the ship goes out quickly.

When the waves rise, storm, it's spread evenly, which was sand, beaches — mud Mulyak knee.
River has damaged millions of hryvnia. A fishermen to catch something, should go to the Kherson region. It turns out that there is no such a calamity? In the Kherson region fish shaft, she's quietly multiplies.

I remember how we used to catch fish hands, was up 10 names: walleye, vimba, perch, bullhead, carp, sturgeon …
Today, the water has turned into mud. Fish have nothing to eat. The worm lives in the sand. Valuable fish it eats. When silt covers the bottom of 1-2 meters in height along the coast, for 5 km, then the fish have nothing to eat. She was gone. There was only a goldfish who lives in the mud.

Vasily Shepel, a resident of Lima
— When there was no discharge, the coast was clear! How to reset, there is knee-deep mud. You can not go in the water! The sand was clean, and now pass two steps and fall into the mud. After the river to take a shower.

Before dumping the sludge was for Luparevo. There is also a dump and for the Kherson region. And here comes a barge ashore, pours it!
No fish have long ago. And as a child, I remember her hands are caught. The sea was dead. Here is the thing: to see the coast svogo offender, but can not do anything!

Victor A. Tishchenko, a resident of Lima
— I can say the same thing. The water near the village highly contaminated. One has only to walk 10 meters from the shore, there was already knee-deep mud. I have not in the river to bathe. The children climb into the water in the summer, because it does not forbid.

The stranger appeared again

Villagers at meetings many times raised the issue, but the government did not respond, did not seem to notice the problem. But, it seems that the patience of the people was exhausted.
Once again, after a long break, "Wanderer" appeared at the beginning of September. And it does not just stop several times a day, but at night, in the dark under floodlights wielding trays are put forward from the boards. From the shore watching him carefully, but no markings on its board to consider impossible.

People became alarmed and went to the village council: it must be the same to find out what is happening in their backyard, whose barge is how legitimate these actions?
Limanovsky village head Natalya Fyodorovna Panashy up at the feet of all — from the district administration and the district Zhovtnevoe MOE to RSA.

"Now people need to calm down, to explain to them what is happening, and to return their trust in authority, — she said. — If it's legal, let us provide documents that confirm this. Let us explain what it all means. Need to find out who owns the ship, and where there is the official site for waste disposal? We think that the barge just saves diesel fuel, not come to the shore to the cape and throws mud where closer. Near the village of the waste we do not need! ".


Answers to all questions Natalia Panashy trying to find yourself. The enterprise "Delta-pilot" she explained that for the past six months, similar to the work of the court did not do. Nothing to do but to look further: around the ports of several companies, as well as a military port.

But then the question arises: for the waters of this area someone will respond, and the actions of the unknown vessel can not remain undetected? Presumably it is the company "Delta-pilot" controls the waters of the state and records all sailing ships here.

However, to solve the riddle remains elusive even to the Deputy Chairman of the State Administration of Mykolayiv Gennady Borisovich Nikolenko. It took more than a month, but he did not know who owned the barge. However, Gennady Borisovich sure that the contamination may be to blame themselves villagers, citing the darling where residents poured into the water trash and rotten potato leaves, without thinking about the consequences.

"Buzuyev raised poachers — to express it one more version. — All the Southern Bug river completely crowded with fishing nets, and therefore the fish is getting smaller.
In general, any problem should be seen in the complex. Why at this point the fish was lost, should answer after careful study experts, for example, Kherson Institute of Ichthyology. "

At the same time, members of the State Ecological Inspectorate of Environment of the North-West region of the Black Sea assure that no contamination is not present. Here's an excerpt from the response received by our editorial: "On the facts of water pollution near the villages of Lima and Luparevo expressed in the letter version is unknown. Formal complaints about it from the public to the inspection have been reported. Also, government inspectors and inspection 02/09/11 09/16/11 were sampled water from Bug estuary in villages Luparevo and Lima on the oil content. According to the results of laboratory studies an excess of oil were found. "

To the same conclusion refers environmentalists and Mykolayiv Regional Environmental Prosecutor's Office, claiming that the oil content in the water meets acceptable standards.
It seems that the inhabitants of coastal villages and officials speak different languages! People talk about the water pollution of natural substances — bottom sludge that remains after cleaning the bottom of the channel. A study conducted on water pollution with oil products! Where is the logic? Perhaps the cause of misunderstanding is that people do not complain directly to ekoinspektsiyu and village chairman, who reported the problem to the first deputy head of the regional state administration, and already he called for an investigation? The chain was too long, and the phone — in poor condition? Is it only in this case?


So, residents of the two villages are alarmed, and representatives of the state bodies of power in one voice say that everything is fine. Meanwhile, the state of the waters of Lyman, on the testimony of local residents, in recent years has deteriorated. If these changes are not acquired scale environmental disaster seems officials no action is being collected.

However, the memory is still fresh memories of Nikolaev on large-scale pollution of the villages of Lima, Luparevo, Galitsinovo in February — March this year waste alumina production — red mud. In a lot of it is accumulated in the sludge warehouse near the village of Lima. Then Director General Yuri Ovchinnikov NHP publicly stated that "the red mud — it's the same dust, and no danger it will not be."

However, the distress became known not only throughout the Mykolayiv region, but also far beyond its borders, the event had a wide international response. Only the insistence of local residents forced the culprit of this ecological disaster — NHP guide — urgently take protective measures.

A little more than six months, and in the long-suffering of estuaries delineated another serious environmental problem. Who will decide it this time? I would like to hear the opinion of ecologists, ichthyologists, who legitimately and reasonably explained the situation. But, unfortunately, are no professional, and above all, interested in the opinions of this story were made. All official answers can easily be called formal replies, which show only the reluctance of officials to find out the true circumstances and causes of the problem, which is indicated.

It seems that those responsible act on the principle of "as long as thunder breaks peasant will not cross." Those who need to protect the environment, both on land and on the water, it is not concerned in this regard. On the contrary, the figures hide behind samouspokoitelnymi exploring quite what you want. In this case, no discussion of the problem and its root causes. It turns out that the studies were "for show", to "pacify" the inhabitants of coastal villages.

Meanwhile, as is well known, no negative impact on the environment is left for the person punished. In contrast to the red mud, which was visible to everyone and everywhere, danger this time invisible, hidden under the water, but no less threatening. If we do not make effective steps, you can not even doubt: a little earlier or later nature necessarily "revenge" for people who have completely forgotten about caring attitude.

Tatyana Filippova


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