Limitations of water users are waiting in the Volga regions


Shallowing Volga increases the concentration of harmful substances in the water Photo: Vladimir Yanchenko

24.05.11.Vpervye this year, representatives of the Volga regions themselves coordinated operation of reservoirs of the Volga-Kama kaskada.Chinovnikov governments federation, through which flows the Volga, is included in the interagency working group of the Federal Water Resources Agency.

Experts believe that it has helped to develop optimum schedules reservoirs, taking into account the interests of the population and the economy of the Volga region, which is particularly important at a time when the Volga experiencing water shortage, which began in 2006.

Preliminary calculations Hydromet for this year, promising to increase runoff into the Volga, not justified. Meteorologists expected that with the snowy winter spring flows to reservoirs of the Volga-Kama cascade can achieve maximum performance over the last decade. However, in the 11 reservoirs cascade (total volume 168 cubic kilometers) of water received by 25 cubic kilometers less than expected. One of the reasons — last year's drought, which resulted in a drying soil at great depths. This means that the water level in the Volga will, as last year, higher than normal.

Particularly difficult situation in the Kuibyshev reservoir. Somewhat better in the Volgograd — so, in the Saratov region in early May, normal water level (nearly 15 meters) was exceeded almost a meter. However as a result of water releases from the Volgograd reservoir in the Lower Volga to provide spawning in the Astrakhan region and fill with water Erik, level surface of the reservoir in the region will decrease to 13,9-14,2 meters.
According to the Minister of Environment and Nature of the Saratov region Igor Chopin, the situation is not critical, but it can complicate the condition of water intake in some summer community, and navigation on the suburban lines.

Last year, the reservoir in the Saratov region became shallow to 13.62 meters. The sharp drop of water in early June resulted in the deaths of commercial species of fish — perch and bream. As well as the closure of a number of marinas on suburban lines: Ships carrying vacationers because of shallow waters have been unable to come to shore. Having problems with the water supply of some villages and horticultural arrays. By mid-summer, the water level rose, but at the end of the season once again had to impose restrictions on the movement of river transport.

How to assure the officials, this year these effects can be avoided. First of all, because the graphics mode of reservoirs at the request of the representatives of the regions adjusted.

— Fish has already dismiss spawn regarding gardening companies, problems with the water supply can now be only where the pumps are not installed on the project, at a shallow depth, — Igor Chopin. — We have warned people about this situation so that they can prepare. Solve the problem of growers in the state on its own, the high costs it would not require.

In the provincial Ministry of Transportation and road construction, "RG" reported that, if necessary, replace the river expect additional buses.

— While the water level is normal, not impeding navigation, — the expert Regional Transport Ministry Alexei Korzh. — If you have problems, like last year, will increase the number of buses going to the coastal village, and for the convenience of passengers, they will be sent directly from the quay of Saratov.

Experts forecast low surface reservoirs vVolzhsko-Kama cascade may persist until the middle of this decade.

Shallowing of the Kuibyshev reservoir threatens an environmental catastrophe and the Ulyanovsk region. In the past, the level of the Volga is down to 49.1 meters. Critical, after which it would be impossible to normal operation Zhigulevskaya HPP is the level of 47 meters. This year, the water was a little more, but until the last years of full-flowing far away.

— Shoaling leads to increased concentrations of harmful substances: their number has remained about the same, and the amount of water — less — Ulyanovsk says ecologist Andrew Saltykov. — What does it lead to? Chemical oxidation processes take place with the participation of oxygen. Plus, it consumes the blue-green algae that produce toxins. If the summer is hot again, and, therefore, oxygen is consumed more, we can expect massive fish kills — especially predators and bottom dwellers.

One more important thing — the deterioration of water quality. In taps right bank of Ulyanovsk, where more than 60 percent of the population of the city, the Volga flows purified water. The reservoir is increasing every year thick sediments — the dirty mud, earth from the shore, the waves washed away. And headroom right bank withdrawals eventually silted up. Of course, they can be moved to a better place, but it will be only a temporary solution.

The fact that the health of Ulyanovsk at risk, say doctors and health. Checking, which held a regional CPS in the past, the dry year, showed that the water source is the origin of the water supply to the right bank of Ulyanovsk, does not meet the sanitary rules. Centralized water supply sources of chemical indicators do not correspond to 23.4 percent of samples (in 2008 the figure was only 16.4 percent.)

Andrei Kulikov, Victoria Chernyshev

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