Locust attack in Kazakhstan


9.06.11.Yuzhnye areas of locusts attacked. Landowners immediately took action. In the fight against pests involved ground sprayers, airplanes, gliders.

— Who is doing a great job in identifying insects, recording their number and destroyed with chemicals — said senior specialist of plant protection regional territorial inspection in APC MoA Antonina Gryaznova.

— At present, the Italian locust found in seven districts of the region — Amangeldy, Zhangeldinskom, Auliekolskom, Denisovsky, Kamystinskom, Zhitikara and near Arkalyk. We assume that in the near future pest appears in two other districts of the region.

According to the regional territorial inspection on June 7 was handled 85 thousand hectares of fields. All against the gregarious forms (Italian locust locusts and Asian) to be processed 457 thousand hectares. According to entomologists, this year against locusts nongregarious need pollination to produce 224 thousand hectares, and this will have to be spent by agricultural producers.


Source: Kostanay-Agro

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