Locusts in the three districts of the Rostov region


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16.06.11.Ochagi massive locust established in three districts of the Rostov region. Among them Bokovsky, Sholokhov and Upper Don areas. Currently calculated the damage to crops by pests.

Deputy Head of the supervision of the safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals UFS Rosselkhoznadzor PO Denis Alexandrov explained that the appearance of large numbers of locusts due to the location of the Rostov region near Volgograd and Stavropol Territory, and of which the insects move. Attractive to locusts, these areas have become due to the large number of pastures and crops here.

According to Denis Alexandrov now Bokovskom, Sholokhov and Upper Don areas already by chemical processing of locust outbreaks, and is monitoring the situation. However, you can spread the fire to neighboring areas.

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