Loss of livestock in the Irkutsk region


20.10.11.Vse began after seasonal vaccination. In the village livestock vaccination set against anthrax and emkara. Suddenly, the owners of private farmsteads notice a decline in the status of their animals.

The first cow died on October 14. The infection began to spread quickly. All affected 19 goals, seven of them — were killed. Cheremhovsky Veterinary Laboratory tests taken. In no case of anthrax was not confirmed. Guilt was blackleg pathogen or, more simply, emkara. A contagious disease, in which the cattle are killed within one to two days. For the person is safe. They were infected cows that as found vets were not vaccinated in the spring. Immediately after the state of emergency in the village Gotol introduced restrictive measures. The corpses of infected animals burned, and the places where they were disinfected. In the village denied entry everywhere are police posts. In addition, prohibit the export of meat. To avoid re-flash, re-vaccinated.

— Anthrax definitely not. A diagnosis emkar installed there. Of course, people were afraid that they made the vaccine and killed animals. This was the first time in the area. But in Russia and Irkutsk region, such cases are recorded annually. And kill those animals that were not vaccinated were cast, — the head of veterinary services of the Irkutsk region Boris Balyberdin.

Natalia Salnikova

Source: STRC "Irkutsk"

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