Magnetic pole shift has led to a change of the name of the runway at Hillsborough


7 sentyabrya.Medlenno moves the position of the north magnetic pole of the Earth at the beginning of this week has led to a change in the name of the main runway at Hillsboro Airport, from 12/30 to 13/31.

New bulleted number was set at one end of the runway during a joint technical repairs, said port spokeswoman in Portland, owner and managing the airport.

"The pilots and airport customers were advised in writing of the runway, and the messages that the airport was closed is just a rumor," — said Kama Simonds.


Runways were designed according to the magnetic heading and the change of position of true north means that from time to time the band will change its name.

Experts say that the magnetic north pole is slowly slipping toward the north-north-west of the Arctic Ocean towards Siberia about 55 km per year.

When magnetic items have been modified, Hillsboro, like some other airports, had to renumber its main runway.

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"From time to time, about every 20 years, the magnetic course changes, and the runways are renamed" — said Symonds. Every five years, federal agencies are a table of variations of the magnetic field, which varies depending on the terrain. It helps to compare this performance with the direction of the magnetic compass used for navigation.

"While modern navigation is gradually moving towards the use of satellite navigation systems, the majority of air services in the U.S. continues to rely on ground-based radars are configured on the local magnetic declination and used for navigational purposes as an instrument landing system and signal lights," — added Ms Symonds.

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Adjustment — is the result of naturally occurring process. At the Earth's iron core, and it is believed that the movement in its interior supports magnetic field that is used to measure the Earth's surface. This makes the Earth like a giant magnet, but constantly moves the position of the magnetic north and south poles. As a result, the true north, which targeted the internal mechanisms of the compass arrow does not always coincide with the permanent lines drawn on a map. Therefore, the position of the airport to the true north should be corrected.

Scientists believe that the Earth's core activity could trigger massive pole shifts, including a reversal of the north and south poles. It is assumed that the last time this happened was 780,000 years ago, and it took 10 000 years in duration.

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Pilots and airport customers were warned that on Sunday and Monday at the end of the runway will be installed a new numbering, in addition to the work on the asphalt and the rolling of the strip. "Carrying out work during the 10-th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11 was a coincidence — said Symonds. — It just so happens that the work was planned for the second week of September and the weather was favorable to. "

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