Major landslide in Sunshine Valley


27.05.11.Opolzen of tons of rock, mud and fallen trees in Sunshine Valley, destroyed three homes, creating a local state of emergency.

The landslide occurred at 16:00 in the quiet community located along Highway Princeton Hope, and collapsed in a huge mass of Douglas Firs for holiday homes.

The only person being there was 40-year-old woman. She managed to escape to a nearby a house, but emotionally she's shocked.

Neighbor's house MERNIER Jacobsen was safe, but it says that the test was "disgusting frightening."

"I can not say whether there was more dirt to fall off or calm down all the stones," — said Jacobsen. "There is still a body of water, which is still being shed."

Residents say avoid those places, while authorities are not sure that it is safe. The nearby Highway 3 remains open.

Translation: Alex Crete


All is not easy because

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