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More than 80 percent of people have crooked teeth or malocclusion. And about a third of the cases require specialized orthodontic care. Under the correct bite understand this state of the jaws, in which the upper teeth slightly overlapping the lower. However, correct bite can boast of very few. According to dental statistics, only 10% of the world's population, "bite it right."

Each year, the frequency of Pathology bite is increasing. This is due to the nature of the food consumed by modern man. Because of the fact that the food is not hard, chewing machine does not receive the planned nature of the load. As a result, the jaw bone of modern man developed enough. Meanwhile teeth remain the same size, and they are getting crowded.

There are congenital causes of the violations, for example, a person grows less teeth than expected, they "scatter" in the jaw, and between them there are wide gaps ugly. External factors include exposure to adverse environmental factors, artificial feeding of children and much more.

Why do I need to correct bite? "Curves" and the teethwrong bite can cause psychological problems of communication, adversely affect the destiny of man. But even if you overcome the psychological "a set of crooked teeth," the problems they cause, not solve themselves.

In addition, malocclusion aggravate the course of gum disease, tooth decay provoke because of impossibility of adequate hygiene leads to rapid abrasion of teeth, make it difficult and sometimes impossible to make prosthetics. But the most dangerous — wrong bite can lead to violations Temporomandibular joint, which is very bad to correct.

Malocclusion is:

  • distal — over-developed upper jaw or underdeveloped lower;
  • mesial — forward of the lower jaw;
  • deep — upper teeth overlapping the lower more than half of their length;
  • open — most of the teeth of the upper and lower jaws are not closed;
  • cross — unilateral hypoplasia of the upper or lower denture;
  • associated with dystopia (eg, canines) — the teeth are out of place in the dentition (above, below or to the side).


The main causes of malocclusion consider:

  • Heredity — wrong bite passed from parents to children;
  • experienced in childhood chronic diseases (rhinitis, adenoids), in which the child gets used to not breathing nose and mouth. If the half-open mouth is constantly on its lower jaw does not give the desired uniform pressure from the tongue and cheeks, and there is a delay in the development of the lower jaw;
  • bad habits in children — thumb sucking, tongue, pen and prolonged use of pacifiers (more 1-15 years);
  • early removal of deciduous teeth
  • discrepancy tooth size (large) and jaw
  • violation production of thyroid hormones.

What's going on?

At the wrong interdigitation or no contact between them poorly chewed food and not processed properly. This leads to various diseases of the internal organs.

Wrong bite can not only be an infringement of diction, but also contribute to frequent headaches, illness ear-nose-throat, diseases of the stomach, etc.

Diagnosis and treatment

If you suspect at malocclusion, consult aOrthodontist. The doctor will examine and prescribe panoramic X-ray of both jaws. On the same day, you can begin to correct the malocclusion.

Treat malocclusion is never too late, but it must be remembered that the earlier treatment starts, the better.

Modern methods of correction of malocclusion include mechanical and functional facilities. Mechanical, in turn, are divided into removable (plates, mouth guards, etc.) and non-removable system (braces) to correct the bite.

Braces are metal or ceramic plates, which are fixed on the teeth (outside or inside). Their special connecting wire of metal, which provides a uniform pressure on the teeth and returns them to the correct position. The same role is played by the traditional plate. All these devices can not only correct the bite, but also to put in place crooked teeth.

The latest preventive devices — trainers — affecting the muscles maxillofacial region and language. They are used in children 7-10 years. These devices can stimulate or slow the growth of the jaw, palate change the width and shape of the jaw bones, promoting alignment of the teeth on the stage of the eruption. This unit does not require round the clock wear, baby clothes it only at night and not feel complexes because of violations of diction and appearance.

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