Marine master

Poseidon (Roman Neptune) is one of the major Olympian gods, brother of Zeus and Hades. In the division of the world he got the water element. He had a magic chariot on which god was traveling on the sea bed. It was the god of the sea trident, barely moving his who climbed the big waves.

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It was Poseidon's wife Amphitrite. According to one version, a water governor kidnapped girl's father god Nereus. Poseidon has spent a lot of effort to win the Amphitrite. He first saw the beauty on the island of Naxos, where she entertained with her sisters. Olympian god crept up and wanted to grab her, but Amphitrite took refuge in a cave, where she came to the aid titan Atlas.

Poseidon could not find the fugitive. Then he instructed the dolphin to search for her and he pointed out the place where the girl is hiding. God of the sea took Amphitrite in his palace. Since their marriage took place. The young wife was obedient and faithful. She gave birth to a son, Triton. The boy did not have such power, as his father Poseidon. In

Triton had a horn. When he blew into it, the sea was becoming dangerous.
Father Triton pleasure to travel to the wonderful chariot and show their power and authority to the rest of the sea deities. Poseidon was driving, and the waves parted before him. He angrily waved his trident and everyone thought that the sea will come out of its banks. Many ships failed to win the war with the elements. But the god of the sea that did not stop, Poseidon entertained and played with the waves until he was so tired of play.

The attack marked the silence of the quiet water thieves. Waves coming out of the beautiful daughter of Nereus and wound up dances. Nature rejoiced and Poseidon himself out of the depths to watch the beautiful dancing girls. The god of the water element glad that he has a son, a new sea lord.

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