Maritimes scientists experienced in the high seas unique underwater vehicle

Scientists Maritime State University named after Admiral GI Nevel first tried out a new remotely operated underwater vehicle "MAX-300" on the high seas. Such trials in Russia have not yet been carried out.

— These experiments, we waited for two years — says the Vice President for Research Oleg Bukin. — Of course, we tested the apparatus in the Bay of Patroclus at the time of acceptance, but it does not compare with the tests in the open sea: here the high side, the excitement, the wind … With the "MAX-300" we inspected the starboard boat to boat, underwater part of the hull.

  • in the open sea on board the "Nadezhda" passed the test submersible "MAX-300"
  • in the open sea on board the "Nadezhda" passed the test submersible "MAX-300"

The experimental work carried out post-graduate Igor Stepochkin and Ilya Bukin, student Roman Sevostianov. They were assisted by cadets and chief boatswain Sergei Androsov.

There were no surprises: twice "MAX" hit the board, then there are a couple of dents on the unit. This experience is also needed — to further improve the device.

"MAX-300" will be presented at the Expo 2012 in Yeosu (South Korea). In addition, experts of the Maritime University will demonstrate not only the design but also interesting projects from around Primorsky Krai. For example, winged and unmanned aerial vehicle — kvadrolet and amphibious ATV Professor A. Azovtseva that can be used when working on the shelf, in the fisheries conservation and aquaculture activities in the cultivation of mariculture and even for coastal fisheries.

Help "RG"

Underwater remotely operated vehicle "MAX-300" manufactured by the Institute of Marine Technology Problems, RAS, together with Moscow State University. adm. GI Nevel specifically for the Maritime University. Purpose of "MAX-300" — the study of shallow water areas, the state of the underwater vessels, port facilities, bridges. Also, the unit helps to solve various problems of teaching and research. In September 2012, on the basis of the Moscow State University. adm. GI Nevel youth conference will be held, one section of which will be devoted to the "max-300."

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