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A professor from Chicago, Richard Hoagland believes that the earth pyramids were built or helped build the Martians. By measurements of the Martian pyramids, he came to the conclusion that the ratio of its short and long sides is none other than the famous "golden section", opened by Leonardo da Vinci.

Astronomer Tom Van Flandern, speaking at the 191st annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society, said that Mars changed the position of the poles in the past Cydonia located directly on the equator, and the "Sphinx" was oriented perpendicular to the equator, so that his nose was located on the line north — south. According to Van Flandern, it is hardly a coincidence. Esoterica never doubted that the Martians — it really existed race. They believe that 15,000 years ago there was a war between Mars (asuras) and the Earth, and those whom the ancients called gods were humans to colonize Mars. According to the Director of the Ural Roerich Foundation Vladimir Shemshuka people on Mars could not grow taller than six inches, and dogs and cats because of the low atmospheric pressure at all would be the size of flies.

Of the 10 spacecraft sent to Mars by us, neither executed the program to end. Primarsianitsya managed just two (as many Americans). Israeli expert on space research professor Emmanuel Passover seriously claims that the ships were destroyed by Martians. July 4, 1997 lander "Sojourner" villages in the valley of Ares — in the area of the destroyed city of Cydonia Mars. When the "Sojourner" crawled toward the distant rocks, radio with him suddenly stopped. Discouraged by experts shrug and so far explain that the "Sojourner" in suspended animation "because of the low temperature" and that "spring" connection will improve "… The bitter joke: Martian" spring "may not come for several years.

Supporters of the origin of life on Earth from space suggest that interstellar spetskorabley with aliens, the gods did not: for "fertilization" of the planet suitable ordinary meteorites have taken an spores and microorganisms. This theory was confirmed when on the surface of five percent of meteorites falling to Earth amino acids have been found! No response to a serious issue: how is it that the amino acid took on themselves meteorites?

In August 1996, nine employees of NASA led by David McKay made a sensational statement that traveled around almost all of the major newspapers of the world: in a meteorite that fell in Antarctica about 30,000 years ago, found evidence that in the past there was life on Mars, and was she is older than life on earth two billion years. It was found polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which is a decomposition product of organisms. Necessary to mention that before the application of David McKay American Parliament was about to cut the cost of Martian research, and in fact, he is not a meteorite was found in 1996, and in 1984! It's hard to call it a coincidence …

Sturm Mars will continue. According to the plans of the United States, until 2005, planned to make 10 unmanned expeditions and then begin preparations for the first manned, which is expected after 2011. According to the most well-known project is now July 4, 2012, U.S. Independence Day, rocket capsule with six astronauts on board the first to land on Mars.

First settlers will live for 600 days in two rooms equipped for habitation, resembling in shape flat cans. And in 2015, will land on Mars first Russian cosmonauts. And next to the picturesque mountains in the beautiful dining room Atsidaliyskoy plain big city come alive again Cydonia …

In a survey of a possible settlement of Mars attended by 2,600 Russian students. 70 percent of respondents believe that it will be possible to establish life on Mars in the next 20 years, and a quarter of those surveyed — would participate in this project. A third of those surveyed after Mars are going to fly to Pluto.

History has preserved the names of the first space tourists, that is nekosmonavtov have flown in space, while the word "space tourist" were more journalistic neologism. Dennis Tito, a 60-year-old rocket engineer who once worked for the calculation of the trajectories of space probes NASA, realized his dream of becoming a millionaire. The main objective of Tito's flight was successfully transferred and prove that civilians in advanced age can also climb to the stars.

The second man in civilian clothes suit, Mark Shuttleworth, went into orbit rest and work. He intends to partially recoup their costs by running a series of biomedical experiments on board the ISS.

As for the alternative tourist flights into space, the exotic fantasies on the subject fully and in Russia and abroad. Despite literally space prices, more and more people dream to visit space tourist trip, and it seems all the more real skill to use space-based tourism revenue to further space exploration.

Zodiac 15.2004

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