MAS: Do not buy the planet


The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has warned citizens that the certificates are not valid on the purchase of exoplanets and the buyers do not have any legal rights even in the names of distant worlds, not to mention the ownership of the resources of the planet.

Previously, the enterprising merchants of "anything" was a popular selling land on the moon, then demand began to use land on Mars. In recent years, space-based and ground-based telescopes have discovered more than 800 extrasolar planets and thousands of planet candidates that are for "The Space Merchants" real gold mine — still, who would not want to become the master of the entire planet, albeit for tens of light years from Earth.

Methods of detecting extrasolar planets are constantly being improved in the coming years will increase the number of detected exoplanets. Thus, the "planetary goods" come and sellers enjoy the fact that after the discovery of extrasolar planets are given a "boring" names like HD 41004 Ab. It is clear that sellers offer astronomers found a planet called his name, and often the pricing is also quite scientific: Earth-like planets are sold more expensive. Potentially planets in our galaxy of hundreds of billions of units, so that business is essentially a "perpetual."

The International Astronomical Union paid attention to it and stressed that any system is the scientific names of exoplanets, and not a commercial matter. The names should be clear to scientists around the world, and therefore no full names of dogs and other "fantasy" in the title, "license" of the planets should not be.

The right to give the names of the planets has only the International Astronomical Union, which goes towards the public in 2013 and announces the names of 53 extrasolar planets. Astronomers plan to select the most popular names that will be posted on the MAC website. So if you want to be called a planet — try to show imagination and come up with for it is the most beautiful name.

Despite attempts to speculate scientific discoveries, the MAC is grateful for attracting the interest of the general public to the subject of the study of the universe. However, astronomers are advised not to hope that the purchase certificate with the name and ownership will ever be officially recognized.

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