Mass death of fish in the river Ob. Video


24.01.12.Sledy environmental emergency found in Lower Eltsovka and our crew. Eugene and Vladimir — fishermen with experience. But this time the wells drilled is not for production, but to demonstrate. There's a dead fish under the water. They say on the eve of a dead perch clung hook one by one. Such a freeze ice fishing enthusiasts will not remember.

Vladimir Glazhenko, fisherman:

"The man was 15 and they were all in shock. No one had ever seen. Dead fish are biting. Well, do not bite, and the hook catches. "

The entire catch and remained on the ice. More recently, in the bayou near Lower Eltsovka was full. Good place. But now the fishermen not to see. Do not bite.

Dmitry Ivanovsky, fisherman:

"This year, I've been twice, well caught, and now came — no one, no fishermen and no bite. The men say, a dead fish. "

Version causes freeze at all one — poisoning.

Eugene Petukhov, fisherman:

"I think that something somewhere was poisoned. Reset some did. There is no other explanation, because she could not suffocate, many holes in the ice. I do not know how reliable it is, I've heard that somewhere in the region of the sower in the sewer was an accident, but it's just a rumor. "

In Verhneobskoe Territorial Department of Fisheries of the environmental emergency signal is received. Inspectors visited the place, a fact confirmed the freeze amounted to act. Now count the damage and find out what killed a fish.

Julia Rostyazhenko

Source: Lead Novosibirsk

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