Maxim Kononenko: War


19.09.11.My mired in some minor details. What is the party of "just cause"? Who cares about ripped jeans Polonsky? Who do wonder, died Aman Tuleyev or die? All this does not matter.

Look around you — the world is on the threshold of something monstrous. Humanity is at a dead end, it does not know where to go next. No purpose. Economic problems of the U.S. and Europe are insoluble. Policies can be as much as lighten up and make a statement, but that is all clear — the crisis is inevitable. Rather, the crisis is not even because any crunch time, and full-scale economic disaster. As modern global economy — is a complex set of conventions, which themselves do not cost a penny. Neither eurocents. And as soon as the boy exclaims, "The emperor is naked!" — All the world's money at once turn into a pumpkin. What will you do after that, at its nineteenth floor somewhere in Marino, will excite only have you.

There is only one known way to return humanity to reset goals and the situation with the virtual world economy — this is war.

Yes, the war — it's awful, but there was no war, and we are for peace in the world. But the global war is beneficial to all, and to argue with this pretty pointless. The war greatly reduced the population (and long-lived elderly in developed countries are already very heavy.) War throw national economies far back, freeing up space for growth. War destroyed a lot of things that can then be restored by taking this broad masses of the population.

The war finally broke the established world order, and that was stripped political "ground zero" will be to build a new order. With a very different distribution of forces. Many decades Inflate conflicts will naturally allowed — only one nuclear exchange, and no mutual claims no longer exists.

And most importantly — the war is inevitable just because everyone believes that it will happen.

If anyone knows what the 'self-prediction ", you can skip the next paragraph. For the rest, I will explain. Here is, for example, some kind of exchange. At the stock exchange brokers and are traded. And suddenly a rumor is that Steve Jobs is about to retires. Brokers are beginning to think that Apple shares fall on the news — and start to sell them. All at once. And action, of course, falling. Notice, they fell not because rumor was about the fate of Steve Jobs, no! They fell because their brokers have become mass market. Because the higher offer — the lower the price. This is called 'self-weather "- when the movement of the market comes from the fact that market participants believe that this movement is going to happen.

This is most clearly seen in the foreign exchange market, which is called FOREX. Feature of this market is the presence on it of a huge number of amateurs — to trade on FOREX brokerage firm through can be anyone. And these amateurs are guided in their trade is not news about the state of the world economy (this is called "fundamental analysis"), and view graphics value of a currency (called "technical analysis"). Here they look at the schedule and think that now the price should go down. And sold. And the price goes down. Conversely, it seems that the schedule should now go up. And they are buying. And the price goes up. And so the "technical analysis" works, though, it would seem, what schizophrenia — the value of a currency is determined not by objective reasons, and those where it is going schedule. The chart does not display the price, but is determined by her! Do you understand?

The same mechanism works in any area of human activity. You drive up on the inside of the ring to the Third City and think that there is sure to be jam. And instinctively slow. And so do all. And form a plug. Or, do you think that your football team loses, and put on it a little, bookmakers reported rates is to know the players, and frustrated low rates lose.

And with the war. More and more politicians, officials and military around the world are beginning to believe that war is inevitable. In a few years — believe me, it is very difficult years in the history of mankind — and this idea is so ingrained in the minds of politicians, officials and military that they will wait for the start of the war at any moment. Any political disagreement, any dramatic statement one diplomat to the other can detonate. Yes we have all seen it — that's how World War I started. All just believed that it will begin, and the murder of the Archduke was thus a detonator. Because the country is to think that because of some of the Archduke the war there, which was attended by two dozen countries and killed twelve million people. Archduke one and two dozen countries! Among them, for example, Japan. And South Africa. And even Brazil! Here's who had a lot to do with the heir to the Austrian throne.

So, my dear, get ready.

Preparation I see the following: First, we must leave. No, not from Russia, but on the contrary — to Russia. In the most that neither is wilderness, somewhere at Lena or the Yenisei. And there cut yourself patio. Garden make. All living creatures.

Well, satellite Internet, of course, do not forget.

To be aware of when the war ends.

Good luck.

We live in a world of vanity and trifles, and distracted by this fuss and trivia totally not worth it.

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