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"Komsomolskaya Pravda", 04.03.2004, Moscow, n41, p.11

Author: Vladimir Lagowski

_ * Scientists have super-weapon from which a shot before the heroes of fantastic fighters _ *

Stunning laser

Good (or bad) guy whips out something only vaguely resembling a rifle, and a bullet from her brilliant beam. Enemy flies a few meters, falls, writhing and smokes. His clothes charred.

Something like "Men in Black" mowed insidious aliens, and the soldiers of the "Star Wars" — each other. Beam weapons in general was a top seller in Hollywood intergalactic battles. And, apparently, is not haunted the military. In the end, having spent 12 years and more than $ 3 billion, they embodied the fantasy into reality. Experimental samples luchemetov fighting, shooting, like in the movies will be available in 2006.

American project. Called "Pulse energy bullet" or abbreviated in English — PEP. Professionals involved in the development of lasers for the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the military of "Mission Research" (Mission Research Corp., Prim.M.T.). Lethal force and other precise parameters of weapons — secret, although its operating principle known.

Recently, someone Harry Moore of command of armored vehicles and weapons of the U.S. Army in response to numerous requests from journalists to the Pentagon said the following: speech, they say, is the special chemical laser that shoots very short pulses.

And do not burn through a hole banal way, but acts much more interesting. Released by the laser beam begins to literally vaporize comer on his way to be it shirt, leather or even body armor. In the affected area of a plasma, which heats the surrounding air so fast that it explodes. In the experiments, the military is easy to cut down to the ground even horses from a distance of 3 kilometers.

— If the laser pulse hit in the mouth or nose of man — burst lungs, — says Jürgen Altmann, a physicist at the University of Dortmund and an expert on non-lethal weapons. — If the eye, it will burst first transformed into plasma. And hardly survive with brains. And if you increase the power of the current "bullet" only twice, it would be fatal in all cases wherever hit.

Martian emitters

Angry big-headed Martians from "Mars Attacks" is easily sizzling earthlings, directing them to some pipes. Something similar has already created the specialists of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory in New Mexico (Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, Approx. MT) glorified the fact that here in 1947 crashed "flying saucer." "The Martian strips" even experienced volunteers, but in a lightweight version — not burnt people, but only a little pripeklo.

Was hot narrow microwave beam generated by a spherical antenna. According to the military, it penetrates the skin and for a split second it warms up to 50 degrees. As a household microwave oven operating in the heating mode of chicken leg quarters. In this case, as it told the volunteers, it seems as if pinned to the body of a red-hot iron.

Developers emitter assure that the impact "is a fairly wide range between the unbearable pain and burn." However, as some experts in the laboratory and are classified Force power ranges.

And using them, and you can completely carbonize in Martian. The advantage of the new weapons is obvious: "Water the" burning rays coming though, even though the defenders and even a helicopter.

Electric guns

Tossing lightning electric guns were armed Judge Dredd from the same movie, and the guards of "Babylon 5." What scientists have answered?

Gizmo is quite fantastic with the name "Taser" primitive samples which police already use in Canada, the U.S., Australia and some European countries. In fact, this stun device.

Made in the form of a pistol, firing metal garpunchikami. Garpunchiki thinnest wires are connected to the high voltage power source. They are stuck in the victim and beat discharge in 50,000 volts. The victim falls unconscious.

Prototypes "taser" appeared in 1970. Now they have managed to improve, as close to the cinematic. For example, the designers have found a way to give up garpunchikov and wires. Recent experimental model of first jets spray conducting current, and it has already hit a high-voltage discharge. From the outside it seems as if "Taser" and really throws a thunderbolt.

The Germans on the basis of a stun gun made anti-personnel mines. The principle is the same — an electric shock, but its source is buried in the ground or hung on a pole. Experts consider such mines humane — they do not tear off his feet.

The Death Star

Modern earth scientists still are not given new tools of great destructive force like "Death Star" from "Star Wars" that carry on pieces of whole planets, or disintegrator, like a smelly alien conquerors from the movie "Independence Day," which blew up the rays of entire cities. However, it is possible that the secret of these gizmos was just lost.

Or destroyed by the inventor — the mysterious Nikola Tesla. At the beginning of last century, he wrote that "the projection of the wave energy to any area can be done by my devices …" There are persistent rumors that he is in fact succeeded. Moreover, one of the experiments went out of control, and the energy to "scale" beyond measure. Namely, 30 June 1908. Then all thought that the Tunguska meteorite exploded. And that Tesla was naughty.
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