Methane explosion occurred in the mine Kazakhaltyn


© RIA Novosti

KOKSHETAU, March 5 — IA Novosti-Kazakhstan. Three people were injured in a methane explosion at the mine, "West" mine "Bestobe" Mining and Metallurgical Combine "Kazakhaltyn" in the Akmola region, told the news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan duty officer of the regional crisis center CSR Oleg Malyuk.

According to him, the explosion occurred in the evening of the fourth of March. "According to the victims the explosion occurred due to accumulation of gas — methane," — said Malyuk.

According to him, the explosion of three workers with thermal burns of varying severity were taken to a clinic Bestobe village, where they were given first aid. One of the victims received a second-degree burn. Malyuk noted that "the health of victims is safe."

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