Mexico City sinks into the ground

Karst holes

10.01.11.Dolina Mexico City, which houses the Mexican capital, the "sinking" into the ground. As a result, the streets of one of the largest cities in the world with a population of over 20 million people have been failures to appear.

In some parts of Mexico shrinkage of soil from the late 19th century had reached 13 meters. So not only disrupted vehicular traffic on the highways of the city center, but there was a threat of architectural structures, located in the "critical" areas.

As explained to the researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, caused a gradual "immersion" Mexico City is particularly geology giant basin, where the city. Part of the Mexican capital is on the site of an ancient lake. Besides the huge city draws its water from numerous underground wells, which worsens the situation.

Ground water accounts for over 60% of the water consumed by the inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico, so the soil shrinkage is inevitable. And, experts warn, unless urgent action is taken, historic buildings undergo major damage. Actually, their foundations, and so from time to time have been "patch" because of the cracks.

Experts have created a map of the most dangerous areas of Mexico City, which primarily threatens to "dive into the ground." This will affect thousands of homes that could collapse as a result of deformation of the foundation, says TSN.

The consequences of "immersion" in Mexico City and its surroundings especially clearly manifested during heavy downpours. In different parts of the city there are floods, water floods the house. Sometimes water flows lead to loss of life and serious damage.

But even worse, scientists warn, "shaky foundation", which is located in Mexico City and its environs, significantly increases the potential for large earthquakes. After all, Mexico is in a zone of high seismic activity, and earthquakes in this country are not uncommon.

10.01.11.Ezhegodno soil shrinkage is 20 centimeters. This is indicated by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. On the streets of one of the largest cities in the world there are failures.

Experts warn that as a result of "immersion" Mexico is a threat to thousands of homes. They may collapse due to the deformation of the foundation. In addition, increases the risk of earthquakes.

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