Microsoft programs disappear from computers


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9.12.11.Prilozheniya of Microsoft Corporation in the near future will be able to disappear from users' computers.

Will remove the corporation, working remotely through an Internet connection.

New functional programming popular company became aware of the user agreement online service Windows Store, through which Microsoft plans to sell their applications. It will be available around the world, supporting more than 100 different languages.

As explained by the company itself or Remove Programs can be used, for example, to comply with legal requirements or if the application is a threat to computer security person. Microsoft promises to return the value of remote programs, placing the appropriate amount to the account of the unfortunate owner of the online store.
But along with the missing remote program data users do not deserve any compensation, said RIA Novosti. According to Microsoft, the responsibility for data security should be based on the user.

Recall that the test version of Windows Store will launch simultaneously with the beta version of the latest operating system Windows 8. Tentatively, these events are scheduled for February next year.

Microsoft — not the first, the practice of removing interference in your computer. Earlier, a similar opportunity is anticipated Internet giant Google, is also removed from the smartphone users unwanted programs. There is a similar function in iOS, which is operated gadgets Apple.


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