Modernization program being implemented at major mashpredpriyatiyah Tatarstan

Machine-building enterprises of Tatarstan — JSC "KAMAZ", JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant", JSC "Zelenodolsky Shipbuilding Plant. Gorky" is currently implementing the program of modernization and technical upgrading of their production with an investment of 75.6 billion rubles Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan — Minister of Industry and Trade Ravil Zaripov.
The sources of financing of these programs are loans and own funds.

"The total investment in the strategic development program KAMAZ 2020 will amount to 62 billion rubles, including in 2012, has invested 5.3 billion rubles," — said ZARIPOV at the meeting on the organization of a regional cluster of engineering technologies in Tatarstan. According to him, the program is aimed at businesses pivotal technological modernization, bringing to market a new generation of trucks.

ZARIPOV also said that the modernization of the Kazan helicopter plant until 2016 will be spent 11.3 billion rubles. Will be completely modernized mechanical assembly, electroplating, mechanical, aggregate-assembly and blanking and stamping production.

The program of technical re Zelenodol shipyard until 2017 is estimated at 2.3 billion rubles and includes upgrading of procuring, processing, fitting-slip way and foundry industries.

The head of the Republican Industry and Trade Ministry said that a number of machine-building enterprises of the republic has programs to modernize production facilities with the support of the federal government. In the framework of the federal target programs in 2012 for this purpose was brought to the country five billion rubles.

He also recalled that in Tatarstan currently employs more than 150 large and medium-sized engineering enterprises (including enterprises of the military-industrial complex). Machine-building enterprises of the republic in 2012 produced marketable products worth about 300 billion rubles — to the level of 2011. Enterprises of the military-industrial complex (MIC) of the country in 2012 compared with 2011 increased output by 23%, to 65 billion rubles.

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