Monsters — the product of extraterrestrial intelligence




Legends and manuscripts of ancient peoples tell of evil and terrible creatures — half-human, half-animal, inhabiting our planet in ancient times.

There are modern evidence of meetings of people with mysterious humanoid creatures. Today science is sufficient knowledge of the facts and theories that may shed light on the nature of the processes leading to the appearance of anomalies of biological evolution.

Information matrix of life

Modern scientists estimate the age of the universe at 13.7 billion years. Supporters of the scientific school of eminent astrophysicist XX century Shklovsky believed that the conditions for the emergence of life in various places of our vast space formed within a billion years after the "Big Bang." In this epoch of cosmic evolution of the first generation of stars produced the necessary chemical basis for the development of various forms of life on the bodies of the planetary systems of stars. Thus, the process of the formation of stars and planets in the universe is continuous, it is quite possible to believe that pockets of life in it can be aged between 12 billion to several hundred million years old. As for intelligent communities of living organisms, some of them might have come from outer space, even by the most conservative estimates, another 6-7 billion years ago. So that our Earth, which arose about 4.5 billion years in the light of recent astrophysical data — not the pioneer of biological evolution and intelligent.

As is proved by the founder of a new science — information science, the Russian Academician II Yuzvishin our universe is 99.999999% of the information vacuum and only 0.000001% — of ordinary matter. This means that all space objects — galaxies, stars and planets with their biospheres and intelligent life — enmeshed in a complex network of information interactions. Information on the forms and dynamics of any material object, regardless of its complexity, "written" on the structure of the vacuum ensembles "atoms" — fitons — and instantly transmitted anywhere in the universe where there is a material medium that is suitable for the perception of this information — water and organic compounds. All these facts clearly prove the action in space law "information panspermia" when the matrix of biological forms are transferred from one planet to another, no matter what their astronomical distances nor shared.

On the possibility of exchanging information biospheres, separated by gulfs of space and time, also wrote VI Vernadsky. Many scientific papers on space biology accompany him winged words: "Beasts of the Earth are the creation of a complex cosmic process and a legitimate part of the slim space mechanism in which, as we know, there is no chance."

The fact that the development of any living organism on Earth needs information from the outside, was brilliantly confirmed in the early 90's experiments the team of scientists, led by employee of the department of theoretical problems RAS Peter Garyaev. Frog embryo was placed in a metal case, grounded and shielded from the external environment. And the frog embryo started to develop quite differently, as expected this amphibian.

Interesting experiments with information matrices life were spent Khabarovsk known expert on genetics wave Jiang Kandzhenem. Jiang made the impossible — he learned to cross species. For this purpose it is designed waveguide generator which can read the genetic information of one kind of substance, and transferring to another. Jiang reads information from ducks and guided her into the chicken embryo. The result brought "kuroutki" with webbed paws and a flat beak. After removing the information from the goats, and sending it to the pregnant rabbit, a scientist got horned rabbit. In a similar manner

Jiang received corn with ears. Finally, Jiang Kandzhen information believed to himself and sent it to the chicken embryo. At the unsuspecting hen was born without wings and chicken … covered with black and hard, like a Chinese hair!

Thus, the experiments P. Garyaev and Jiang Kandzhenya brilliant physicists confirm the findings of informatsiogennom vacuum-bearing structures in their matrix of life. If we impose the modern physical theory and the results are specialists in genetics at the wave looks VI Vernadsky, then by logical necessity it must be concluded that the substance of the Earth through the vacuum is constantly receiving information "packages" of different parts of our universe in which life originated and evolved, in turn, steered their "prototypes" of living organisms to distant stars.

Water monsters and their descendants

According to the station of the ancient "Book Dzian" and "The Secret Doctrine" of Helena Blavatsky at the dawn of evolution, after its solidification (3.5-4 billion years ago) the Earth's surface was covered with a continuous water ocean. In this ocean of "Fohat" (FOHAT — a synonym for information vacuum — auth.) Were thrown "sparks" (matrix) of life.

From the point of view of modern physics of water is an ideal medium for the perception of the material and store a variety of information, which is structured in a variety of shapes and phase states of this amazing and most common in the universe of liquid. Because the description of aquatic life forms that we find in the station "Books Dzian," commented Madame Blavatsky, in the light of the described properties of the water and all previously stated, do not seem quite so far-fetched. We cite them with small cuts.

"It (the Earth — auth.) Is not called the Sons of Heaven, she did not want to call the Sons of Wisdom. She created from the womb of his … Water — People, scary and evil, she has created from the remains of other … Lhas Over and Lhamain Bottom came from. They destroyed Shapes, two-faced and chetverolikie. They battled-Men Goats and People with dogs' heads, and people with fish bodies.

Water-Mother, the Great Sea, vzrydala. She got up, she disappeared into the Moon, which has raised her that gave birth to it. "

Commenting on these stations, EP Blavatsky said: "… the deep waters and darkness, where dwelt the most monstrous creatures — winged people dvuhkrylye and chetyrehkrylye, two-headed human beings with the legs and horns of a goat — our" People-goats "Gippotsentavry, bulls with the head of a man and a dog with a fish tails. short, the combination of different animals and humans, fish, reptiles and other monstrous animals, to borrow from each other forms and guises. "

As follows from the above passages, the ancient inhabitants of the Earth water were vicious creatures in a structure whose bodies were observed bizarre and unnatural pile of features inherent in the different species. As a result of a cosmic catastrophe in the "Earth-Moon" they thrived on this planet for a relatively short time, and therefore were not able to develop a complex behavioral and mind.

In the light of the hypothesis of information transfer matrices of life with alien biospheres, which we discussed above, it is thought that these amazing creatures have shaped protein organisms produced artificially on a distant planet. It seems that someone very knowledgeable in the wave genetics sophisticated experimented with animals and humanoid forms and put the results of their experiments to the Universal Information Data Bank. After all, water monsters of ancient Earth suspiciously reminiscent of "freaks" obtained experimentally difficult in experiments Kandzhenya Jiang and his staff. The nature of these experiments without the aid of intelligent beings can not put myself. And in their natural habitat, as you know, the spontaneous hybridization of species prohibited by the laws of genetics.

But the interesting thing here is the other. There are enough reasons to believe that the alien artificial matrix of life preserved in the information field of the earth, and after millions of years after the destruction of the biosphere water were introduced into the protein evolutionary material.

At the Cairo Museum (Egypt) represented a huge number of statues with the heads of people jackal, lion, cow, sheep, a falcon, an ibis, a bird with human head and much more in this way. Images such unusual creatures are decorated with wall paintings in the tombs of the Valley of the Pharaohs, in the temples of Karnak, Luxor and Abu Simbel.

About living forms of abnormal artificial nature that existed in the ancient world, and writes the famous Russian explorer of the ancient mysteries of life and civilizations, VA Shemshuk. According to the scientist, monkeys, cats, dogs, deer, dolphins — all 19 orders of mammals have different anthropomorphic ancestors, who, due to savagery turned into wild animals. In the ancient Indian epic, often referred to the ape-men, who descended from the first addicts — mammals. There were people from the manes-dogs (according to legend Verhoviny — Dogheads, the Greek — kinotsefaly), people-deer northern legends, cat people, figures which are ubiquitous in our world, as well as all other mammals, living and living on Earth.

R. Thompson and M. Cremo in his book "Forbidden Archeology" report found anthropologists strange artifacts: the human skeleton with the jaw pig and human skulls with horns.

In our time, found not the usual anomaly — the birth of children with cleft palate. This is a reminder to modern man about his relationship with the ancient Dogheads. Unorthodox thinking scientists believe that the birth of morons and downs — the signs of spontaneous reversion in human monkey. Sometimes there are such babies abnormalities like tail, or they are covered with hair. There are reports of people, dragons and humans, fish, covered with scales. Since the time of the Conquest, the Spanish king remained report about detected in South America as much as tribes tailed people.

All these facts are serious arguments in favor of the version of the existence on Earth in the distant past, its people, monsters — Information descendants of evil and terrible water people.

The famous Russian explorer of mysteries of antiquity, MD, Professor ER Muldashev, the results of his expedition to Egypt after many esoteric sources seriously and reasonably believes that the pyramids of Giza is a huge underground city, unknown and inaccessible to us. There's a state of deep meditation (somatic) are people-monsters from ancient eras past. They are waiting in the wings to re-populate the planet, when for all living things on it, including the people who come serious danger of degeneration due to global cataclysms caused by the earth's axis shifted to the future.

In light of the foregoing, there is a reasonable question: is it really safe for the future of the Earth's biosphere to continue unceremoniously tear in the dungeon Pyramids than it is now heavily involved archeologists?

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5 The Secret Doctrine (123) March 2004

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