Moon — the station aliens?. Continued Part 2

What lies behind the mysteries lunnymmWe are assured of the full moon of lifelessness, but the data suggest otherwise. Decades before the space age, astronomers have mapped hundreds of weird, "domes" observed "the city that are growing," and single lights, explosions, geometric shadows and been seen by professionals and amateurs. Astronauts "Apollo" observed volcanic eruptions and earthquakes recorded moon. They saw and seasonal changes in the surface. What could it be, if not a manifestation of vegetation? 170 years ago, Professor of Astronomy, University of Munich, FP background Gruytuyzen seen in the northern part of the valley Schroeter intersecting lines and squares, strongly reminiscent of the city's neighborhoods and streets. Professor declared mad, but such education were also observed in the AP-years of our century, telescopes Mount Wilson Observatory, when the 100-inch telescope is aimed at the crater Gassendi, pictures imprinted "piping system" … Astronomer Nininger found that it is possible be called the "glass tunnel" connecting the craters Mes-dossier and Pickering. In December 1915 in the crater Aristarchus emerged a kind of "thin black wall" stretching from the center to the edge of the crater. With 922 lunar "construction" intensified. At the bottom of the crater Archimedes, there are three long education, resembling artificial mound. Later nearby were discovered three such education prevailing in the shape of a triangle. During this period, the French magazine "LAstronomi" reported seen on the Moon a straight line with arches, strongly reminiscent of our earthly mosty.V November 1970, I, with the participation of my son explored the crater Archimedes. We have used this 12.5-inch telescope, installed at a height of more than two thousand meters above sea level. One night we saw a crater three very large cigar-shaped object of the same size. Two of them were "parked" in the northern part of the crater, and one — in the south. Objects remained there for several hours. With the known diameter of the crater Archimedes 50 miles dimensions of the "cigar" could be 12 miles in length (22.5 km!) And about three miles wide (5.5 kilometers). Renowned astronomer Walter Haas once said that there were occasions when authoritative Astronomers "something" seen on the Moon, but has flatly refused to discuss it. At night, July 10, 1941 U.. Haass saw two "meteor flashes" on the moon. A team of astronomers, organized by Haas, began systematic observations of these phenomena. Over 170 hours of duty at the telescopes they have registered 12 "flashes". Consequently, the Moon possesses a dense atmosphere, meteors to glow from rubbing against it! This atmosphere, in addition to produce clouds — white, gray and red colors — Some clouds so dense that cast shadows are clearly visible! Once the crater Plato, located near the lunar north pole was covered with white around the edges of frost or snow. At the poles from time to time is a strong concentration of oblachnosti.V the same time the crater Plato once flashed to thirty lights that are madly rushing there. Royal Astronomical Society of Great Britain in 1600 reported on the observations of this kind. Bright lights also been seen in the crater Aristarchus and the eastern part of the lunar Alps. Dots and stripes of fire occurred in the Sea of Crises, several times in E lights lit up in the crater Messier. Long lines of light appeared in the crater of riders. Rays of light from the lighthouse as two decades have seen as emanating from the top of Piton Mountains in the northern part of the Sea Dozhdey.Astronom amateur Dave Darling wrote to me: "On the Moon, wielded by a UFO!" April 16, 1979 in the morning, he saw a 12.5 inch telescope, "cigar" length of 16 kilometers and a diameter of about 2.5 kilometers. Her color was silver-metallic, and she cast a distinct shadow on the lunar surface. "Cigar" was at the crater Isidore near the Sea of Nectar.
August 12, 1979 at 3.45 am Daish again saw the "cigar" around the edge of the crater Romer. Its length was about 20 kilometers, color — silver metallic, shape — elongated with two "wings". Later object ischez.Darling saw a great platform to the south of the crater Archimedes of 8.6 kilometers at 1.5 kilo meters. This "platform" for some reason did not fall for maps of the Moon, is shown by at least 20 photographs taken by the spacecraft "Orbiter" and from the ships of the "Apollo".
George A Lady in the period from 1948 to 1952 did, at least 8 photographs illustrating UFO activity on the moon, or near it. All are prepared by the telescopes.

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