Moscow: minerals will be mined on asteroids




Organize the "extraterrestrial" industrial mining on asteroids may have to the 40-50s of this century. Such a proposal put forward department head studies of the Moon and the planets of the State Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University, a member of the International Astronomical Union, Vladislav Shevchenko, ITAR-TASS reported.

The scientist said that in one, the so-called "metal" asteroid with a diameter of one kilometer "are reserves of raw materials, five times greater than the annual production of steel in the world."

Thus, says Shevchenko, "the global depletion of most minerals to the middle of the next century, mankind will be able to use environmentally friendly raw space." According to the scientist, deliver raw materials to the asteroid "would be much simpler and cheaper than the Moon." Some programs, he said, "can be launched as early as 2040-2050 years., But only if the research potential of space-based resources will start now."

Meanwhile, the scientist has to consider the moon as "primarily a power base in space, which can deliver an environmentally friendly fuel for fusion energy future — an isotope of helium-3, and asteroids — as a source of minerals." Academician Erik Galimov, in turn, believes that the moon for thousands of years will provide mankind with energy, as the reserves of helium-3, centered beneath the surface, reaching 500 million tons.

"To ensure a year of humanity energy need only two or three flights of shuttles carrying capacity of 10 tons, so the cost of an interplanetary delivery will be ten times less than the cost of electricity is now generated in nuclear power plants," — he said.

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