Mystery Devils Ravine




Correspondent "KP" were in the anomalous zone, where people disappear

Pskov land has always been rich in secrets. So far, no traces of Battle on the Ice, and local archaeologists found the remains of the ancient Vikings were women.

Lyadsky triangle

Pskov land has always been rich in secrets. So far, no traces of Battle on the Ice, and local archaeologists found the remains of the ancient Vikings were women.

But there are other secrets that excite the imagination of an average man, not studied by historians and investigators from the prosecutor's office.

In the north area, Plyussa area, near the village of Lyady, from time immemorial cut the sandy soil "bloody ravine." In appearance — as a ravine ravine. Nothing special. Ferns, shrubs, fallen trees, a babbling brook. But from time to time there are lost people. Before the housing of a mile. Around the road with buses and logging trucks. But drat!

Edition of "KP", concerned the mass exodus of citizens, leading to a demographic catastrophe, sent special correspondents solve the mystery of "devil's ravine."

In broad daylight

July 13 last year, 67-year-old retired mushroom with experience Evgeny N. (who asked not to publish his name, as is well-known TV presenter in the country) in search of chanterelles lost in "Ferris Ravine" near the village of Lyady. Evgeny was known as a hardened ranger, and was waiting for his comrades near the road were not worried at first. But the minutes passed, hours, days. Evgeny did not come. On the third day of combat soldiers raised the alarm and specialists Emergencies with dogs. But the dogs wagged their tails helplessly, soldiers trampled chain ferns, commanding voice shouted, and Yevgeny Paton gone.

— Ever hear of a case to get lost in broad daylight! — Boiled commanders. — Yes, he got out of the long snout and drinking tea with lemon on a visit at some gossips!

Dogs with the soldiers left. And Evgeny all the time confused and hopeless wandering in a "baker's ravine" circles, eating raw mushrooms from the basket and prayed to God. Time has stood still. Among the debris of the ship's pine trees and giant ferns day seemed at night, and the night — a continuation of the nightmare of a day. On the fifth day of the pensioner began vision. Then he walks through an abandoned pioneer camp (in the forest Lyadskoye spawn pioneers did things), then behind the hillock progrohochet timber. On the tenth day of Evgeny and spent his last strength, curled up on the soft moss, and began to slowly die.

But relatives and friends Eugene Paton did not leave hope to find him in good health. His relatives were looking for, doctors from the village Lyady, the local boy. Moaning cry from search engines Lyadskoye land. But Evgeny heard nothing.

At first signs of a lost mushroom picker smelt a resident of the village Ore grandmother Nina. Fancied her in a ravine some strange smell rotting fungi. My grandmother was frightened and went back home. About the sensations she told her grandson Andryushka. Andrew has assembled a team and went looking for him. July 22 at exactly 19.30 just behind the bush, he heard faint wheeze:

— Hey, buddy, let me smoke!

In the bushes lay a thin body. Andrew handed dying mushroomer "Accept", reassured him and ran for help. An hour later at the hands of Evgeny Paton was taken to the hospital.

— Although we believed that we would find him in all this was some kind of mystic. Because he left to live just some few hours — with the excitement of the dentist tells Lyadskoye hospital Lidia Starovojtova. — As soon as we found it — just a drip. Dehydration, protein deficiency and even heart failure — this is the right way!

— And I was also sure that I will find — told us Evgeny. — I lost track of time and did not know how many days I have to "walk".

Ariadne's Thread

In this expedition we went well prepared. Wrote a detailed will, handed out debts, showered and dressed in a bath in clean clothes. After all, the "Lyadskoye triangle" has disappeared at least two dozen people. In order not to repeat their mistakes, we got the best sporting goods store in domestic liquid compass needle from the bike "Ukraine" for pickup psychic framework and five kilometers nylon thread for tourists, mushroom pickers. It was our secret, our "know-how". If you bind a thread to a birch tree at the very beginning, how would we wore no evil spirits, and to the start we always go back. We are great believers in the domestic light industry.

There, we looked closely at a local factory rubber boots, and a flashlight, "millimeter" card Pskov region with large designated "devil's ravine." Here it is, the sinister "Lyadsky triangle". We are not afraid of you! What do you know — itself a penny coin, and how many souls ruined! Before you go to such a dangerous trek we finally decided to visit the Pskov Kremlin.

— Maybe not ever see him ever — Yuri said philosophically, wiping his handkerchief treacherously shining eyes. — So come enjoy the old Russian shrines.

And in the Kremlin during the entire preparing for the holy feast of Easter. At Holy Trinity Cathedral was a service. He served as Archbishop of Pskov and Velikoluksky Bishop Eusebius. However, we do not know about it. And just walked past the porch when his Eminence, was seen off numerous retinue in robes, sat in the black "Volga". On our camera flash their eminence reacted cautiously, landing in a car stopped and strictly inquired:

— What kind of paper?

— "Komsomolskaya Pravda" from Moscow, Father!

— I read a good newspaper. And for what reason in our region?

Pronounce the word "damn gully" in the pre-Easter days, we did not dare — in the hands of the Archbishop was a long staff.

— Anomalous zone check.

— That's interesting. Well, with God! — And got into the car.

We were immediately surrounded the entourage Eminence.

— The grace descended on you! He has blessed you! — Enthusiastically jabbered servicemen.

"Komsomol" Troopers

The historic landing "KP" held steady at 10.00 Moscow time. Originated from the prosaic "six" cream right on the central square of the village Lyady. Stood in front of the "House Lyadskoye trade", where we joined the edibles per ten days involuntary wandering about. Vodka decided not to take. First of all, drunk and so get lost, and second, when it is over, will be sad and very painful. At the local hospital was waiting for us dentist Lydia Starovojtova.

— Of course, I'll show you a place — spoke, adjusting his glasses, Lidia. — I am an inveterate mushroom itself. She came here from Leningrad thirteen years ago. Ecology in St. Petersburg to hell. And here is the beauty: the air, and mushrooms. But in "bloody ravine" I do not go. There's just a nightmare! Lose orientation. Especially in the summer. Are the white nights. Everywhere dusk. Obstructions such that can not be evaded. I am not surprised that so many Evgeny strayed. And you be careful out there!

Lidia has caused the driver "soon". He had heard that we should go to the "bloody ravine," balked:

— Yes gasoline I do not!

— And we tuck in! — Began to assert its correspondents.

— A column is now closed!

In general, after much persuasion superstitious driver petrol was found. An hour later we found ourselves near the village of Ore. From here begins the "bloody ravine."

In Ore elderly widower living with an elderly dog Mikhail Baikal, a young couple who moved into an empty house from a nearby village, and 77-year-old Nina grandson Andrei Chernyshev, who found the pensioner mushroom picker last summer.

— Uh-uh, irises, which have gathered! — Nina wailed. — I myself in the past year to get lost there! There was, there was, and the village-that's it, at hand. But there was none! Listened. Somewhere a cow moos. The machine hums. A beast is something we have long not. A machine every day ezdyut. And then silence again. I thought, I do have to spend the night. And then my grandson on a motorcycle came to the hut. I rattle on and went out. Was very close. If not for a motorcycle would be lost grandmother!

…After hearing her story, with a restless heart we set foot on the edge of the "devil's ravine." Alexander tied the end of the strings to the thick white curve aspen, crossed checked the compass bearing on a brand new and Rushed into the ravine, where the clear waters of the vernal murmuring brook. Adventure began …

(To be continued.)


Rumors of "pranks" "damn gully" has long been troubled by Lyadskoye public. Even before the revolution provincial newspapers often reported on the mysterious disappearances of peasant bezloshadnikov in the area. In 1928, a team of lumberjacks vanished, along with the axes of the foremost — seven people! In 1931, disappeared nine Lyadsky fists together with their families. However, inquisitive historians claim that the traces of some of them were found in Kolyma. But this is just a hypothesis.

As the years passed. Disappearances continued in peacetime. In 1974, "Ferris Ravine" disappeared group of pickers from Leningrad. Two of them were found a week later. None of them was able to convincingly tell the fate of his five companions.

Alexander BAGS
Yuri Bullfinch


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