Mystery of Shakespeare

The existence of Shakespeare often subjected disputes. Many can not believe that an actor with little education could become the world's greatest playwright. After Shakespeare left no portraits, no manuscripts.

To this day, scientists have not yet discovered the secret of Shakespeare's genius. As one and the same person could be so great and create drama and comedy?
Here's what we know about Shakespeare. William was born on April 3, 1564. His mother was the daughter of an ordinary farmer, and his father served as a measure of Stratford, but eventually went bankrupt. He married a young man of 18 years, and later moved to London, where he was an actor, and even a co-owner of the theater. A website you can find online sites which deliver goods from the UK to Russia.

At age 25 he wrote his first play about war dynasties. Soon the name of the actor and writer has become widely known. After 25 years of residence in the capital, Shakespeare returned to Stratford. He lived only 52 years old, but from which he died at that age is not known.

In 1856, a writer from America Delia Bacon published their own research on the work and life of the enigmatic playwright. She believed that the works of Shakespeare — it's a number of creations of the great minds of the time, especially the speaker, philosopher and statesman Francis Bacon. (Delia Bacon was not a relative of the philosopher). The writer claimed that he was forced to conspire under the pseudonym Shakespeare due to the prevailing political turmoil. She was convinced that the grave of world drama reveals the secret of numerous works of authorship. But open the tombstone was not allowed.

Conducted by linguists study showed that Shakespeare used about 25,000 words. For that era it was a phenomenon. For example, a dictionary of Pushkin, who lived in the 19th century, consisted of 20,000 words. Besides Shakespeare well read in French and Greek, knew the history, geography and botany. But not a single book that he could read in London or at home, did not survive. And why, after returning home from the capital, Shakespeare pursue their debtors and was busy usurious activities, and did not continue to write new creations?

To establish the truth about the authorship of the world's known works is difficult because of the shortage and the lack of many of the facts. Shakespeare's works will remain forever shrouded in mystery and eternal controversy.

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