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And … someone said above, "You earthlings, in vain do not pay attention to myths, fairy tales and legends. They — the great secret knowledge that can be useful for the present and future life. The main thing — to learn how to decipher the tale … "

ARCHEOLOGIST Heinrich Schliemann found Troy after reading the poems of Homer. We have our own stories. Remember about "The Little Humpbacked Horse". Like her character in turn dipped in different water and eventually became good fellow. The author of this book, Peter Yershov, lived in Omsk. At the time of creation of "Fad" he was only 19 years old. Hence, it would seem, the young boy to take the story? And that could provide the impetus for inspiration.

Traces of "monkey" of civilization
At 200 kilometers from Omsk, Omsk region in the north, there is a place where there is something extraordinary. Anyway, so say the locals and researchers. In particular, Michael Rechkin, has long been engaged in the nature of anomalous phenomena. It is not just an expedition to an area to find the key to unlocking the power of the phenomenon in the village Okuneva. According to one theory, this place used to be the oldest civilization in the time of which was erected a temple of Hanuman, which houses a sacred crystal, and in it — the encrypted key to save our civilization. After all, she, according to the predictions of clairvoyants, endangered and even possibly imminent (which, of course, is not calculated closest for years and even decades, but, say, hundreds of years). But the researchers did not want to admit. Especially since they are driven by passion — because you want to find traces of the so-called "monkey" of a civilization that existed 300,000 years ago.

And in Okuneva there are several lakes. They are called healing. The water is not deteriorate over the years, cures for various diseases. And they are directly connected with the temple.

Signal over
Let us return to the story than fairy tales and stories of mystical healing lakes. In the "Little Humpbacked Horse", if you remember, it was a few pots with different liquids. And should dip it in turn to each of them. Now listen to the words of a clairvoyant, which, communicating with subtle worlds, get answers to various questions. Once she was informed that in the north region has as many as five special, medical, lakes, between which there is a connection. It is surprising that they are at an equal distance from each other, and if you look at them from above, you get a curve resembling the letter "g." And the last of the lakes, the fifth — the most magical. And most importantly — they are, these bodies of water are directly related to the energy thereby Okunevsky temple. This relationship means the key point: the one who wants to be healed, it can only be done with the help of all five lakes, otherwise the result will be zero.

And boy Peter Yershov could gather all the information from any of the local traditions. But the so-called signal to write a story was sent to him from above. Because neither before nor after he did not create these masterpieces. And remained "a writer of a work."

But that's the "trick" that look once all the lake until almost none of his contemporaries could not. They are playing with people in the most genuine hide and seek and hide and seek. You can (well, as far as possible) to know exactly what a particular place will be a lake, and even seemed to see him or hear splashes of water, but you will not find it. Or this terrible phenomenon: some of these lakes to allow its waters only locals. Strangers "runs". For example, may begin to rise sharply the level of water, threatening to flood the boat or tent and so on. Once someone tried to shoot a duck, vyporhnuvshuyu of reeds, but gaining a small height, the duck turned into a human-bird. (!) Moreover, as the Rechkin, there are witnesses. Real. Although at first sight this may seem someone's "sore given."

Where did the lake? About three of them know that they came to Earth after the fall of large fragments of a giant meteorite. That is, this "space" of the lake! Among themselves they are connected underground river. One of them, Danilova is already a triple bottom. The other two lakes and the like do not exist in reality. Rather, they are, but nobody knows which ones. They are, according to subtle worlds, anyone who wishes to do so, is to discover myself, personally. And that fifth, the magic, the lake and all is nothing less than to see, but no one notices if it is covered with a cap of invisibility.

By the way, Novosibirsk scientists investigating Danilovo lake were amazed Miraculous its water and mud from the bottom. That is, at least from a medical point of view, the unusual nature of some lakes confirmed.

"Artificial intelligence"
Data obtained clairvoyant, partially confirmed Rechkina expedition. In any case, few are located at an equal distance from each other curative lakes he found — Linevo, Danilova and Urman. The rest were on the map, but they still need to be investigated from a scientific point of view. And — with the paranormal. Because their healing power not only in the presence of water in a heap of useful minerals. Riddle lies in the involvement of the lakes to the temple. That is, they are impregnated with a single power, and the power of nature which is still maloobyasnima. And where it comes from — to learn more and explore.

Any person in connection with this question may arise as to what, exactly, it is necessary so to hurry up and beat all the bells to learn some energy there? God be with her. But if you still believe the warnings coming to clairvoyants, they speak of the appearance shortly unexplored mass diseases (once appeared as AIDS and SARS. — Ed.). And it will be possible to treat them with water only five of the coveted Omsk wonderful lakes.

But how? How to find the temple? And the fact that it is precisely in western Siberia, was confirmed by the words of Muniradzhi guru Babaji Ashram in India. He said it was "very important for Russia," the place. Its main value — the "living, thinking crystal" that is what might be called "artificial intelligence". And supposedly it intact to this day. The height of the crystal — meter, and its base — still about one and a half meters. It remains only to find him. That, as you might guess, is the most difficult thing.

"Cap of invisibility" and pits
Residents of areas near Okuneva repeatedly occurred witnessed strange phenomena. Suddenly, for no apparent reason some forest glade will be lit up with an unearthly light. That person suddenly realizes that he is in a moment as if suddenly falls into a different world. It becomes difficult to breathe. And it is worth to steel himself and take a step to the side, as it immediately falls into place. If at this point there are a witnesses, they say that people like evaporates disappears. And suddenly re-materializes. Mystic!

Still far from Okuneva have porechenskie pit. This is a huge hole in the ground. Their origin is not known, but one of the locals told me that this marks a giant fireballs periodically arriving from nowhere …

So, except protivoboleznennoy miraculous lakes and the temple, there is also a historical, or even universal, the meaning of which you need to find them. Because the crystal — a "middle man" when in contact with other planets and civilizations. In other words, defined as a clairvoyant — a "book of God's power." But to get the full clue energy cocoon Okunevskaya secrets, it is necessary not only to find the five lakes and healing temple. There is in the same area and Shaitan-lake. Which translated means "Devil." The water in it — the "evil" that brings nothing but trouble. This lake is a counterbalance to the five "good" lakes. And to be "neutralized", you need to find a "code" or "key". And then all seven sites — five lakes, the temple and the "code" unite as puzzles, and opens the solution of their powerful secrets.

By the way, who actually built the temple? According to the psychic, creatures from another planet named Satra. This planet is allegedly close to the solar system, at a distance of seven light-years. Residents Satra — being, not like earthlings. They are tall, communicate telepathically. And interestingly, people living near the lakes for many years, and then there are strange creatures. They can be covered with hair, or to be in something white and always under two (or more) feet tall. It Satra residents, according to the clairvoyant can take any shape.

The purpose of the construction of the temple was: a powerful channel to the Cosmos. And that is why it was chosen this place — our Siberia — is unknown, perhaps, to anyone.

Olga Ryabinins
The article used data from the book of Michael Rechkina "Okunevsky Ark"

Daughters and Mothers 7.2004


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