NASA satellite took a picture of the eruption of the volcano Paluveh



February 15, 2013. Despite the fact that the peak of the Indonesian island volcano Paluveh hidden behind the clouds on the satellite image you can see the evidence of recent eruption, which occurred in the early February 2013 year. The photo was taken EO-1 satellite.

The southern slopes of the volcano covers gray ash. In addition, the ash in the air is turned to the north-west of the island. At first glance it may seem that the green vegetation is in no way affected by the eruption, however, according to Indonesian media, ash caused serious damage to local farmers.

An expert in the field of volcanology Erik Klemetti suggests that eruption was caused by the collapse of an unstable lava dome. Number of small tremors and ash emissions of cases began to increase in October 2012 and lasted until February 2013 year, thus possibly indicating lava dome growth. Itself eruption occurred during the period from 2 to 3 February.

Source: News Gismeteo

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