Netanya sea washed ashore many dead fish


Netanya Photo from

11.09.11.Na last week at the beach "Poleg" in Netanya waves tossed the carcass of a dead dolphin. In this week nachel sea ashore Netanya many dead fish.

Area of detection of dead fish on the shore of Netanya closed to public access by the police. Ministry of Health experts are investigating the incident, trying to find the cause of the death of marine life off the coast of Netanya.

Source: Channel 7 Israel

Reference from Wikipedia:

Neta? Of (Also Netanya, IIA.????) — A city in Israel, the largest resort in the Mediterranean coast. Netanya stretched along the sea and along the length of the beach area is superior to other cities of Israel, even Tel Aviv. Major center of citrus and one of the largest centers of the powerful diamond industry of the country.

The city is located on the Mediterranean coast in the central part of the Sharon Valley, about 30 miles north of Tel Aviv and 50 kilometers south of Haifa.

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