Neva does not freeze


10.01.12.Glavnaya river Petersburg — Neva still not covered with ice due to the abnormally high temperature in December. "The fact that the ice on the Neva is not — this is an anomaly.

This is due to the warm December. Apparently, this year will be one of the later formation of ice on the Neva "- chief meteorologist Petersburg Alexander Kolesov.

This worries scientists. In this case, meteorologists expect frost gain in the near future and predict the formation of ice on rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. "There comes a frosty period. It is too early to talk about the temperature, but that is cold, it is absolutely true, "- he added.

However, no adverse effects on the flora and fauna of the region anomalous December has brought. According to weather forecasts, in the next few days in the northern capital to start snowing. "More snow is now" — said Kolesov.

Source: Russian News Service

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