New Czech automatic CZ-805 BREN

In the near future in almost all modern foreign armies there was a need for a modular small arms changeable configuration, with the ability to adapt to different combat situations, depending on the intended purpose. Development of small guns have been going for quite a long time, today it is clear many samples of small modular tools, this Belgian SCAR, Italian ARX-160, and the standard American gunsmiths Bushmaster ACR. Do not stay aside from development in this promising direction and Czech designers and manufacturers of guns.

Back in 2009, during the exhibition IDET are presented for all to see his new creation — an assault rifle CZ-805 BREN, made famous arms company "Cheshka Zbrojovka» («Ceska Zbrojovka»), the Uherske Brod. The same standard of shooting guns in the same year won the competition of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic to supply weapons to the planned for the coming years retooling of all units of the Czech Army. It is understood that the specific CZ-805 BREN will change the already obsolete 7.62-mm machine gun Sa. Vz. 58, is also recognized as a "Sample 58", put into service more than 50 years ago. It has now become clear that the Czech Ministry of Defense ordered the first batch of new assault rifles, delivery of which is scheduled for three years. And half of the party rifles should be put into the armed forces of the Czech Republic by the end of 2011. While in the Czech Army has a number of hundred units CZ-805 BREN 5.56 mm, used for training purposes.

At the last not so long ago at the site presentation Libau latest assault rifle CZ-805 BREN produced several successful shots at targets Alexandr Vondra, Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic. Thereafter, in a statement present at the presentation of the media, he said: "In my vision at 12 diopters 15 hits in the target perfectly good outcome that justifies the good fighting qualities of the new machine."

Assault rifle (automatic) CZ-805 BREN is multikalibernuyu and a modular design with traditional vapor-automatic gas piston located above the barrel, and twist mechanism locking the gate. Receiver machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is attached below a trigger mechanism with a pistol grip handle and a removable fastening element store. Cocking can be performed on both sides of the rifle, because with at least some capacity for the handle side. This, according to the views of manufacturers, manufactured for the convenience of shooting "left-handed" fighters. Also with 2-sides set the fuse and switch the mode of fire, with the possibility of switching to a single shot, shooting longish or small (two shots) queues.

All assault rifles are equipped with quick-change barrels air cooling, as needed can quickly change the barrel, mine store, the locking mechanism of the shutter, the recycle automatic mmh39 chambered for 7.62, 5.56 mm (NATO standard) or 6.8 mm Rem SPC. Replacement shaft for the store allows for shooting a variety of shops NATO standards. Rate of machine is 750 shots per minute, and range (accuracy) of 500 meters, depending on the length of the applicable changeable barrel. Automatic, besides those already installed on special grounds diopter rear sight and front sight can be fitted with sights of different types, like night and day. On trunk a possibility of installation "tactical silencer" (low-noise device for firing). Full-time machine shop is made of sturdy clear plastic, this can be kept under control fuel cartridges that rapidity and intensity of the modern battlefield is an important factor. Adjustable length plastic buttstock folded in the side to the right side or can be removed from the machine. In addition to assault the rifle can be fitted specially designed for her bayonet or grenade launcher CZ G 805.

At the current time, you have three options-automatic assault rifle CZ-805 BREN: the standard version (CZ-805 BREN A1), developed under the cartridge 5.56 mm, with a barrel length of 360 mm, a variant with a shortened barrel (CZ-805 BREN A2) and a third embodiment (CZ-805 BREN A3) with a long barrel for use as a machine gun or sniper rifle, filled removable handle, bipod and tactical flashlight. Weight of standard version is 3.6 kg, with a length of 670 mm folded.

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