New electromagnetic weapons will stop any car

New electromagnetic weapons will stop any car
In the world quite often incidents occur when suicide bombers in vehicles loaded with explosives to the eyeballs, trying to undermine the military and civilian objects, which leads to countless victims in a human and widespread destruction. Despite the best efforts of the security services, excellent counter such attacks can only be at the final step, in step the attack. To increase the effectiveness of such counter Diehl Defence researchers have developed the newest radiation electric installation weapon that can destroy the electronic and electrical parts of the car and actually terrorists bomb before they will be able to get to the task.

Gun made by Diehl Defence, is not very different in principle own work from other types of microwave weapons. It also represents a fairly high-power microwave generator that emits a narrow beam of microwave radiation, which is a prerequisite of high occurrence surge in schemes electrical devices that almost burned the elements of electrical circuits. Because electrical and electronic parts provide performance motor car, with the defeat he stops working here and the car instantly stops moving.

Researchers at Diehl Defence has recently released a video that shows the work of the new ray gun in the criteria for the simulated situation about military check-Fri In fact, gun mounted in the container, placed in the boot of the jeep or other military vehicle that can move on the road, serving to identify and neutralize possible instantaneous terrorists. The device can also deactivate the remote-controlled explosive device, disabling the sensitive parts of radio paths. Its scope is not limited to the introduction of the land, it can be used with similar efficacy in the sea and in the air to intercept unmanned aerial vehicles.

Details of the work and the technical properties of microwave weapons are hidden Diehl Defence information, although the mechanism of this instrument has been known for quite a long time. Well, in appearance microwave installation Diehl Defence, three round barrel-shaped device that is installed in the box, quite similar to that beam gun, which we used to build a science-fiction movie. But if it helps to protect against suicide bombers, the aesthetics of such tools is the latest problem.

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