New gun for the German Army HK121

Unfortunately, even the most advanced standards of guns at some point become obsolete and are replaced by others that, and let them at least a little, but better, more convenient, more reliable. So, despite the fact that the firearm has long been stalled, and something fundamentally new invented was already a very long time, work on the new standards do not stop and existing structures are improved, if not to the arguments of reference, then picking up very close to it. Thus, the striking example can be gun NK121, which Now is the main one gun, which could replace the machine gun MG3.

Notwithstanding my most priklnnoe relation to the machine gun MG3, you can not deny the fact that the instrument is out of date, and requests the substitution for a better and modern standard, especially because MG3 no longer fits into the modern requirements for a single machine gun, and its release has been completed in 2009. Thus, the main contender, the vacancies of this gun is a machine gun company Heckler und Koch HK121. This gun is catchy single representative of modern machine guns, and joins in all the production in firearms for the near future. Very glad the fact that in the race for the lowering of the weight the designers have not changed anything that can be plastic, limiting only the number of individual powerful parts, such as the butt, the strength of which does not cause vibrations. The gun has the ability to conduct only automatic fire, so its both sides is placed just off switch fuse. His placement was indeed very successful, being part of a rather large, the switch is located just above the pistol grip tools, such makarom the thumb holding hands himself rests with him to switch. But the shutter handle is placed only on the right hand tools and can be moved to the left side. Similarly placer tape, from which it is fed tool can be made only on the left side. Gun butt folded to the left side, also has the ability to adjust the length of their own. Bipod mounted unit for gas operated gun, located under the barrel of the gun. Himself trunk quick-machine gun has a handle for carrying and the substitution of the barrel, the cooling air. Sights can be very different from standard open to electrical and optical sights, which are installed on the landing above the gun. The trunk equip flash suppressor. Also tool Resettled folding handle, which was created to fire "with hands" in the folded position, this pen is a small likeness of the forearm. In general, the appearance of a machine gun produces no bad memory, despite the fact that obviously seen heavy guns, gun seems to be very comfortable.

Feeds on this unit 7.62 x 51 NATO ammunition. Himself with the gun butt and bipod weighs 10.8 pounds. Its length is 1165 mm, with barrel length 550 mm. In general, an instrument was even greater weight than MG3, but for all that is shorter and more ergonomic. On the rate of gun did exactly as long as it is not clear yet, it is reasonable to imagine that its rate will be equated 700-800 rounds per minute and 1100-1200 rounds per minute. The machine gun can be mounted on all the machines that were used to MG3, also be used to mount the armor.

It works with all the happiness of automation, built on the withdrawal of gases from the barrel with a longish stroke gas piston. Shot comes with an open shutter, the bore is closed by two lugs while cornering. Feeds gun as mentioned above, of loose tape that can be supplied both separately and containers such as those used in MG3.

Looking at the gun, we can not see it very high similarity with a machine gun HK43, which uses 5.56 ammo, being light machine gun. Despite the fact that the main components gun NK121 has long been tested in other swatches and all aspects of their use are known, this gun is still in the testing since mid-2011. Well, consider this as confirmation that the instrument has problems, or as a very serious approach to the selection of a new machine gun Germans will only be possible after the tests are completed, and will be their outcome. In the meantime, all who come across this tool in the insets, and were quite satisfied with the quality and well thought out design. Although in my opinion to draw conclusions on the basis of the test early, but when the gun will get advice on the battlefield, that's when you can already read with confidence about his positive and negative qualities.

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