New hit on Youtube: Navy veteran song against Putin

Another online hit against Putin appeared in the vast Youtubesong "No one except us." This song President urges Russian government to resign. Its performers were veterans Airborne Forces Academic District of Moscow. The animation was laid on Youtube, been viewed about 240 thousand people. The creators own hit songs performed on the TV channel "Rain" and blogger drugoi invited them to march on February 4 "For honest elections."

Navy veterans explained to why wrote this song, which has become a matter of days of the new online hit. Misha Vistitsky, is the creator and performer of words, said he had pushed them to this is the situation that has developed in the country. According to him, to them, as representatives of the people, tired of living in a country where the reigning heresy, theft, vagueness, fuzziness. They are tired of following the same lawlessness that takes place in the Russian army. On this they, in fact, sing.

Veteran Navy also said that his group participated in rallies on Bolotnaya Square, on Sakharov and will continue to take part in similar actions. He also confirmed that their ensemble will perform the song at the rally, which will take place on February 4.

It is clear that Vistitsky served in Germany in the 34 separate battalion and was in personnel separate reconnaissance assault company. According to the blogger drugoi, the presence of such carefully hid his mouth. At the same time, these companies were serving under the statute Airborne Forces and took the form of paratroopers. In the military card Vistitskogo has a record of 18 jumps with a parachute. He graduated with a senior sergeant. His co-worker for a group of Stanislav Baranov served in the 301 th Regiment 242 th Division Airborne Forces.

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