New minibespilotnik designed for special forces, will be launched with hands

The company AeroVironment has developed a unique unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus Wasp AE. This UAV specially created for special purpose units, it can land on any surface.

New minibespilotnik designed for special forces, will be launched with hands

Weight of the aircraft Wasp AE, just parsed into several parts, is only 1.3 pounds. Because of this, he starts with his hands, and then lands on the water or on land. On bespilotnike set very small and light optical system Mantis I22 on gimbals. Weight of the small Mantis — only 275 grams, but it is not a hindrance for high-quality images in the visible and infrared spectra. Besides Wasp AE UAV can stay aloft for 50 minutes in and develop their speed to 83 km / h The radius of the act Wasp AE — 5 km, the operating altitude is 152 meters.

UAV Wasp AE is included in the program from the Air Force of the United States of America for the purchase of small unmanned aerial vehicles. The company plans to get AeroVironment for the supply of Wasp UAV AE 2.5 million dollars.

UAV Wasp AE is a modification of the UAV Wasp, which is in service with special units of the United States Marine Corps. Comparability of the new notes UAV with digital control stations such recognizable drones, as Shrike VTOL, Raven, Puma. Wasp AE feature is to conduct encrypted communication beyond line of sight, video, audio, and data relay incarnation.

It should be noted that the company AeroVironment developed more small unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus Wasp III, which weighs just 430 grams, can accelerate to a speed of 55 km / h and stay in the air for 45 minutes at an altitude of up to three hundred meters. The radius of the act itself drone — up to 5 km, which, for example, provides a tool for the effective application of suspension of fire, such as auto-mortar or grenade launcher.

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