New Navy ship can be used in ocean zone, said the commander in chief

New Navy ship can be used in ocean zone, said the commander in chief

Launched large landing ship Russian Navy "Ivan Gren "can be used in ocean zone, said on Friday the Russian Navy Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

On the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" on Friday was launched under construction commissioned by the Russian Navy large landing ship "Ivan Gren. "It is designed for landing troops, military equipment and transportation equipment.

"This financing allowed to finish the construction of this ship. It introduced new technical solutions, and can not be viewed as just landing craft. His ability to speak more widely, and he could very well act in ocean zone" — said Teals in connection with the celebration of 309th anniversary a day or creation of the Baltic Fleet. RIA Announces His words brought a representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging.

The presence of such a ship in the Navy will strengthen the surface forces, said the commander in chief.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin's own policy paper stated the need to develop the Russian Federation "ocean"Navy, first — in the North and the Far East, to ensure the country's interests in the Arctic.

One of the differences of the new ship design, compared with similar, is that it is able to act in the ocean zone. As the chief designer of the project of "Neva PKB" Vladimir Maslin, BDK "Ivan Gren "takes precedence over French helicopter carrier" Mistral ", that is, he can approach the unequipped shore.

"Ivan Gren" — the lead ship of Project 11711 design "Nevsky Design Bureau". Project 11711 — this is the latest development of the project in 1171, according to which in the 60-70 years Shipyard "Yantar" has built 14 ships of "tapir." The construction of the ship was launched in December 2004, but was going at a slow pace due to unstable funding and a shortage of personnel in the company. The active phase of construction began in 2008, in connection with what has been adjusted initial schedule of the order.

At the current time is formed body and superstructure ship submerged part of the equipment installed shaft lines and screws last work on the installation of systems and devices. Transfer of the ship to the customer is scheduled for 2013.

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