New patrol boat type «axe bow»

First, in 2012 the Coast Guard Cape Verde commissioned a small patrol ship Guardião, which was designed by the Stanaxe 5009 shipbuilding company in the Netherlands. Its distinguishing feature is the introduction of the bow of the contours of the body, which are called as «axe bow» (translated as "toporoobrazny nose") having a vertical stem. These unique contours developed by Damen specifically for high-speed vessels Sea Axe, which are consumed in production of oil and gas. At present already built about 60 ships and boats commercial purpose specifically with contours of the bow. Guardião — the second ship in the world of the military mission, having contours «axe bow». The first of these is the patrol ship ship MAI 1105 Stefan cel Mare for the Border Police of Romania, built by the same company Damen OPV6610 project in 2010-2011. It is reported that among the obvious advantages of this form of the bow — an increase of seaworthiness, reducing pitching of the vessel and the savings in fuel consumption rate of 18 percent.

In January 2010, the Government of Cape Verde has concluded with Damen contract for the construction of the ship P 511 Guardião totaling 10.9 million euros. For the construction of the vessel was partly allocated Port Authority of Cape Verde, also from the Dutch government to provide assistance to developing countries.

The hull was built at the shipyard Scheepswerf Maid in Myurdike where was launched last year. Completed ship by Damen Shipyards in Gorinchem. December 2, 2011 patrol ship handed over to the customer. December 20 R511 Guardião came from the Dutch in Rotterdam, and on December 30 he was already in the Porto Grande to Cape Verde. Eight days later, he was put into operation.

If we talk about the properties of the ship, then over are turning their attention to its metal casing, a displacement of 425 tons, length of the body (51.3 feet), width (9 meters), the average depression (3.2 m), 4 Diesel Engine moschnostyu4324 kW Caterpillar C32, which run on four propellers, providing speeds up to 23 knots, range (2,000 miles achieves). The number of crew — 19 people, but if necessary there Kubrick able to take another 53 people. In the stern of the ship on the ramp will be located bystrospuskaemaya motor boat for 18 seats, which can reach speeds up to 36 knots. Transferred to a ship without weapons, but the tank is not full to install automatic gun.

During the ceremony, the commissioning of the ship P 511 Guardião Prime Minister of Cape Verde Jose Maria Neves said he planned to buy a few more of this type of patrol vessels for the Coast Guard. Not so long ago, it became clear that the company is promoting Damen already own project Stanaxe 5009 in countries such as Malaysia and Qatar.

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