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Is published in book davneshnego creator of "Literary newspaper" Anatoly Salutskaya "Putin and fourth Our homeland. Will there be enough for the President of the hardness of 'soft power'? "

Collection of articles written over the past 10 years and placed in including "N" is not intended to sensationalism when journalists compete to see who has collected more hot facts or details of the personal lives of the characters. The book is designed for those who reflect on the meaning and the dynamics of change in the main triangle of the Russian political scene, "Putin — the people — the elite." The creator seeks to understand and in the consciousness of Putin himself, in configurations that have occurred over the years of his stay in the top ranks of the country.

The book comes out on the eve of the 60th anniversary of VV Putin and confronts him with himself as the president of the Russian Federation, a number of important questions, the answers to which should give all of us.

TOT, but not that

This book does not refer to the level of public holidays, festive editions, contains biographical details about the life of the head of state. It is, I think, to a large extent clarifies the answer to the famous question, this early in his presidency the way, "Who are you, Mr. Putin?"
I never spoke with Vladimir Putin, not even beheld him, what is called, "live", and so my conclusions and estimates are unbiased nature. But I am very closely followed the actions, statements, and for the style, I'd said, the habits of sovereignty on the part of not being included in the turbulent eddies of certain political events.

In general, it seems to me, in the book recreates the complex and contradictory image of the Russian Federation the first 12 years of XXI century, when large role in the development of the country belonged to Vladimir Putin. With all of this from the very beginning of my writer's enthusiasm for his person lured me most specifically the sphere of its activity, which the president himself not long ago referred to "soft power." And, looking ahead, I can not express my immense surprise at the fact that this very important component of municipal effort was "addressed to" the head of the country's first to the issues of international relations, although the decision of internal political problems now specifically "soft power" has a special, I would said, exceptional value, and that prompted me to put this topic in the subtitle of the book.

President Putin is now markedly different from that of Putin, whom we knew before. To me, perhaps, a personal opinion, certainly in the best possible way. And by confusing the concept of "better" I mean the new head of the country's excessive enthusiasm for matters directly or indirectly related to the final design of the modern statist ideology of, what I once wrote many years ago. In other words, all to the same "soft power."

Zero years of the XXI century with the coming of the Presidency V. Putin, in view of the path that has already passed our home after the disaster of the 1990s, and the extent to that which it has yet to go through, will inevitably raise the question of the historical role of Putin, control and continues to govern the state at a very crucial, crucial stage of its historical development.

Two bands

Russian periodization began with a ten-year reign of leftist Leninist Guard, which has taken a dignified country on firewood for the fire of the world revolution. The next seven years were in transition: the collection of 'economic' pebbles scattered political mayhem mixed with continued denial of Russian identity and the left-hand slope in the international culture. But the growing financial power of the country will inevitably had to enter into conflict with the spiritual nihilism, delaying recovery. This was announced Mayakovsky shot, really talented poet caught in a cul-de-leftist art. As in the economy, the government gave a hint vector spiritual development of society: in 1934, introduced a new course in the history of the school, made the Academy of Architecture, Writers Alliance.

Started 3rd Our homeland

It was up to the mid 50's, when dried up hundreds of passionate energy of the Reds, whose population has undermined the war. And true Leninist Khrushchev began to squander national wealth (Crimea), demolish temples and blaspheme against the Russian antiquities. The agenda of the day or once again stood sinful thought about the global triumph of socialism and the Soviet Union became involved in the cool world war spender resources to support the so-called progressive regimes, in fact, plan on reviving the fanatical Bolshevik messianism.

Reds took place hundreds of philistinism, of which slightly bitter, said: "This class is composed of people deprived of their enduring form, shapeless, just taking every form … Yesterday — socialist, now — a fascist, just to eat hearty and irresponsible to command." It is easy to realize that it was specifically those educationists, which Solzhenitsyn lamented.

Introduced under Khrushchev system was initially unstable. Politically, it was considered the foundation of the CPSU, perform municipal functions. But for understanding the circumstances of the third civilian war and its consequences, and in general of the Russian historical useful way to distract from the politicized assessments. In fact, the CPSU was the only wrapper for a shapeless mass of middle-class that dominated the Soviet Union in the post-Stalin era. This shell, flesh and blood of middle-class, hold a what was called Russian society, perceive various forms — depending on the mood of educationalism all the harder to careen smug West, in competition with which he is trapped Khrushchev. When the slope became critical, the shell burst in the perestroika years, existing only formally. She fell out of the disparate elements of society, entered into a struggle for dominance. The question of ownership, Tipo chief, was simply used as a casus belli — a reason for war. If overcame political left, the country also went to the market. But — the Chinese way.

Follow-up with surprising literalness, prompting raise his eyes to heaven, reproduce what happened after the revolution of the 17th year. Decade of the 1990s was a period of absolute power of right-wing neo-Bolsheviks and the leftists of art, sought to strangle the Orthodox Church unbridled sectarian freedom. (We all remember the desperate struggle over the law, to limit sectarianism.) Next seven years, just before the global financial crisis, too, were transient, and a familiar pattern: the collection of 'economic' pebbles scattered neo-Bolsheviks, was dissolved in Russia "universal values" has been confused with disregard for the values of the national culture, the growth promoting immorality, bad taste.

Meanwhile, in 2008, our home came to a tipping boundary — the presidential election, to the inevitable change of "king." And the question: "What next?" — Stood up.

Responding to him now after the fact, you need to consider that in the state, depoliticized coordinate the movement of history of the Russian Federation proceeds on two seemingly independent lines. One of them is clearly delineated: Lenin — Khrushchev — Yeltsin. All three periods have identical features and inherent depreciation Russian state traditions, impoverishment of the spiritual life, to the neglect of the fundamental interests of, its attempts to "internationalize" and, as a consequence, the high-spirited or deferred (Khrushchev) economic decline. Heroes of the day or become internationalists or obschecheloveki that one and the same, culturally cut off from the people (Khrus
hchev's attacks on the abstract painters and acceleration "Bulldozer Exhibition" made heroes of day or specific members left art).

Another line includes periods when chiefly emphasized Russian interests were based on the system of government of the moral and cultural values, respected Russian olden days, without giving up the best European influences. At such times, dramatically growing power of the Sovereign, and the prototype of a role model became "Russian Europeans" — Moscow's people (by the way, of many nationalities and geographically not tied to Moscow) dopetrovskogo warehouse, remained faithful to the roots, but ready to receive and creatively enrich the modern world achievements. This line is from Alexander III to Stalin.

Which line of motion of the historical movement went Our homeland after the 2008 presidential election?

Remembering that election cycle, you see that it is the vast majority of the people chose the most common option and clear: we must change the Constitution and give Putin's third term. Incorrect to assume as if this view is rooted in some kind of "pleasing the boss" fawning officials and other purely tactical circumstances. If the brain is not, then, as the saying goes, all instinctively knew: the country has once again come to an historic fork, and did not want to change. Putin's refusal to run for third term led to the society, the government and the people were in mental impasse.

Most of the "augurs" agreed on the fact that Putin will offer weak little or ailing successor, so that in a few years, at the request of the people to return to the Kremlin …

To get out of the difficult period of divination and understand what is happening in fact, the policy must again go to the understanding of ethnic and cultural changes taking place in the country. Even Stalin could not arbitrarily determine the historical movement of, he just guessed right frame of mind and led the Reds hundreds of them. Apparently, in the zero years of XXI century, too, felt the power of the growing pressure of multinational vulgar masses dissatisfied devastation of the 1990s and the overwhelming predominance zabugornyh trends.

The collapse of the Communist Party and the destruction of the USSR, the third plainclothes war took the form of restructuring and change of the social system, when, on Block, "the law of the law crushes" very shaken former Russian society. Abolition of various restrictions, including the institution of registration, depending on the career of membership in the Communist Party, has led to the fact that in the depths of the common people of the Russian Federation began to form a uniformly black counterparts (with an innate religious consciousness) and the Reds hundreds who dream of climbing the different levels of regional and federal power. In addition, the opinion polls have long demonstrated a growing dissatisfaction neglect of moral values, and therefore the huge claims are made television.

But the special, exceptional effect on speculation the people made the spread of new means of communication, first web. In the experience of the color revolutions, especially the Egyptian, is considered as if network communication modes lead to an increase in the role of advanced, read, protest-minded sections of society. But in Russia all the opposite: Web specifically to a large extent affected the growth of self-consciousness deep, folksy column, allowing millions of ordinary poor people, but the principle of young people's mind and heart break out of the humiliation of daily life, to join the novelty of today's "aytishnoy" of life and encouraging a break Its top — first city, and then the above …

IPhones and blouse

The extraordinary similarity of the phases Russian historical movement — non-random chronological coincidence. In a country with a rich historical past and the deep cultural roots of a decisive impact on the course of development have no right-left political fights and confrontation 2-ethno-cultural types of people formed in the pre-Petrine and Petrine era. This feature, unknown to Europe, gives our dialogue with the West civilizational nature of the dispute, and to our spiritual values — the extraordinary vitality, even in the criteria of the composite pressure.
Our homeland is always adept to look for imaginative new to the world of practice responses to the challenges of the time. And specifically that of completely unusual found the answer in 2008: it was created a fundamentally new mechanism for the transmission and preservation of power completely fit into the constitutional framework is completely legitimate and democratic. This mechanism has been called "tandem".

No need to carefully read about how many venomous arrows were fired against the Putin-Medvedev tandem, as blasphemers and continue to disparage him in Russia and other parts of the world. But these poisoned arrows only political poison segodnyaschy universally Interactive get-together was not used to take into account the trajectory of the historical movement of the majestic, did not realize that it is not just about someone's personal agreements, but specifically on the mechanism of transfer of power — and not in the name power as such, but for the sake of sustainable development.

Political science idea immediately began to chew on the theme of the liberals and traditionalists Medvedev Putin, although it turned out that Medvedev, is always considered myself a conservative, and it is deeply disappointed his supporters. But, as usual, lost sight of the more fundamental differences between members of the tandem: Medvedev is very well fit in St. Petersburg, in other words, Peter's ethno-cultural type, which obviously has nothing to do with its origins from Leningrad, and Putin clearly belongs to the type of ethno-cultural Reds hundreds of black or, in other words, pre-Petrine. (A more precise definition of its own type only thinks Putin himself, as at the present historical stage the fundamental interests of hundreds of black and Reds are the same.)

And specifically, these are huge differences between Medvedev and Putin with amazing, truly frightening similarities have led to a repetition of the confrontation, which appeared during the second war between the reddish plain weaves and Leninist Guards radical Bolsheviks. Fortunately, this time it was not, and could not go on the repression, but from the standpoint of political mutual hostility and rage began to go off-scale.

The similarity is not outside nature. The so-called protest movement angry urban residents, which Medvedev and Surkov rashly dubbed the advanced part of the society, in almost all composed of the descendants of the repressed Leninist Guards, with a special passion bichuyuschih Stalin, and if again aside the political categories of supporters of universal way of, refusal of its great-power status. Quite by chance on the website of "Echo of Moscow", which became the ideological inspirer of protest and anger iznichtozhayut where Putin is not a word about the disastrous Yeltsin decade: in the sense of ethnic and cultural lines Yeltsin's dissolution of in the world supra space is fully consonant with the international plans of Lenin. Lenin and Khrushchev's line was clearly manifested in the perehlestnuvshih far beyond criticism of exorbitant atheist attacks on Russian Orthodox Church. But the strongest evidence to this effect is probably the favorite leftist Udaltsov, the grandson of diehard Leninist, is named after one of the capital's streets. It really is truly a literal similarity. A descendant of the Bolshevik revolutionary calls Putin impostor, refusing to recognize his presidency …

In this connection it is interesting to recall the history of the creation of the municipal hymns. Stalin lured into Mikhalkovskiy version of the word "Russia", and Putin has used Soviet music in conjunction with the old Rus
sian tricolor flag and the coat of arms, seeking to highlight the continuity of all the steps of Russian history. By the way, the absence of the word "Russia" in the framework of 10 other versions of the text presented to Stalin, reflecting lurking protest "kataevskoy" intelligentsia against the sovereign of the course. And we all remember the hottest battle, right up to the demonstrative withdrawal of some members of the conference room of the State Duma, where Putin has proposed today Municipal anthem.

It is interesting from this point of view, evaluate and angry struggle over the exam, once approved by Putin. With all the imperfections of the One State Examination, he paved the way for vastly higher education specifically for the children of the provincial "krasnosotentsev." And steep assaults on the USE of the intellectuals protest, perhaps unconsciously to herself reflect her final demarcation of a new type of Russian people (again, not in the ethnic sense), emerging in provincial Russia.

These and other differences between Putin and Medvedev have led to a very curious paradox. A fan of Western pop bands arhiprodvinuty on the part of the Web Medvedev, who was nicknamed Ayfonchikom network society, saw a modern means of communication only useful technical innovation, facilitating the entry of in the global family of civilized nations. (Forgot, forgot Medvedev wisest Pushkin, who warned: "Enter to Europe, but remain Russia!") And Putin, who met Obama deliberately Russian samovar, a boot and a man in a reddish shirt, was able to see in the web of massive means of awakening the provincial Russian …
A little settled in the Kremlin, in his first presidential address, Vladimir Putin said: "The development of society inconceivable without agreement on common goals. And that goal is not only real, more important spiritual and moral. The main thing — to understand: which Russia we believe and what we want to see Russia. " How unfortunate it did not sound, socio-economic and political turnover, personnel carousel next few years pushed these first intuitive Putin sentiment on the back burner. But now life itself asks to go back to him …

Will the Munich speech on domestic topics?

In the first half of the 1990s, some assistant (or EA?) Yeltsin, apparently, was in charge of humanitarian issues, self-assured cartridge that modern Russian Federation, which replaced the Soviet-Communist rough skin on the kid market covers, it is necessary brand new national idea. This awkward propaganda scheme failed very quickly. Someone or a joke or seriously for lack of other germs popular enthusiasm would not mind coming to the national association through football and hockey and other sports passion.

But one way or another, and the idea of the state in its traditional awareness on the new Russian expanses, it seems, is not expected. And in this regard, suddenly appears sacramental question: Do we need it in general, the national idea? After all, apart from dogmatic approaches of former Yeltsin adviser and current Communist favorites, trying to change everything in a new way well-known triad of XIX century, would have to admit that throughout the long history of the Russian Federation what is now generally called the state thought was only twice. This "Moscow — the third Rome!" Elder Filofeja and Uvarov formula "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality". In other periods of our history, very, incidentally, brightest — for example when Ivan the Terrible, under Peter I, under Catherine II, — if she was, this is a clear, well-run-state idea? And is not the above two formulas, forever engraved on the tablets of municipal and gold lettering cast in the brains of all the generations of Russian, just a personal case, until just a very successful verbal reflection of any other, more fundamental and deep-seated historical and governmental processes that can successfully develop in the absence of lozungovogo support?

This observation is directly related to President Vladimir Putin. Moreover, even formally, given a sufficiently long period, during which Vladimir Vladimirovich is already and will still be at the helm of Russian ship. Meanwhile, the answer to the question: "Leader of civilization or an employee?" — Has a very profound and is not a formal sense.

For the essential concept of "leader of the nation," the president imposes special obligations, far beyond his personal preference, and the extraordinary responsibility. When they say that we need a ruler, then the phrase must surely be aware of. That is a profound historical tradition, which is changing its internal content, yet remains very fundamental, necessary for the people and the country's development.

Many years of autocratic Tsarist component base tradition, ended in March 1953 with the death of Stalin. And coming gradual decline of the country, not least was associated with the uncertainty of what in the eyes of the people personified the supreme ruler.

The President, who declared himself in 2002, "employee", the Russian Federation is not needed. And the then sverhskromnoe samonarechenie Putin can be explained only by one thing: Putin is the case, by coincidence of events was the highest municipal office and internally, with his characteristic honesty seems to be still could not believe it, not realizing that the question now is not about his personal perception incident, and the attitude of people towards the supreme power in the whole …
Putin is only now, after the election it difficult to get a chance to become a true king — in the sense of real public favorite, burdened with the greatest responsibilities in relation to all the people of Russia. But the full extent whether Putin himself understands what is now the responsibility fell on his shoulders?

Meanwhile, time is running out. Royal authority appears concretely in the first, the main defining forward to. And the responsibility to the people should be above personal responsibilities. People got tired of the dual power of a never-ending struggle under the carpet. People waiting for the Munich speech on our pets topic and not about how to "tighten" the nut or undercut them, and that so sharply, in one fell swoop to end the king's speech bureaucratic fuss, take full responsibility — and those in power solve all their own way …

Putin will be able to become as the highest moral authority — all in Russia goes well, like clockwork. Will as before be overnice in personnel matters, very vigilant to take into account the interests of the different side, and in fact, to share with someone the supreme authority — it does not recognize the king of men, and he refused to trust those who overwhelmingly elected him President.

No, not "employees"

The fact that Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin began to change — noticeable on many factors. I once wrote that Putin's second term (2004-2008 years) withdrew into official circles, and now we litsezreem that President invites governors to talk — with a whole team, and not bureaucratic, intently listening to people from the lower strata of life. He calls to Moscow miners — not just on prazdnichek, but for advice. This, of course, particularly small details, but they are mixed with other necessary innovation.

And yet what is happening now very much resembles the deepest insight unforgettable Misha Saltykov-Shchedrin, who wrote the eminent series under the title "In an environment of moderation and accuracy." Carefully, step-by-step goes to Putin's own goal — almost exactly the same as he did 10 years ago when the country teetered on the brink of oblivion, and though any wrong move could throw it back toward the abyss. But the situation has since changed abruptly. And not only in terms of strengthening the country's Russia
n, and on the part of national speculation. Ochuhavshis from serious troubles of the 1990s, buying every year more new cars than in Germany, but as before staying in the arms of his grip "domestic slavery," a police officer zhekehovskogo and the rest of lawlessness, people are stronger than wonder, well, I do now! something that prevents bang the table? ..

For people intently watching over municipal affairs, and of course it is clear that Putin decides to great efforts to ensure that our Western partners (and in fact rivals!) Is not got us in any international conflict with the introduction of external forces.

Indeed, some people in the West would love to draw us into a hot conflict of the type of Afghanistan. But this "someone" more and more clearly understand that will not work! will not work! For Putin, now the main task — to this land collecting: strengthening of the Customs Union, the creation of the Eurasian Economic Community. And once — a massive upgrading of the defense shield, so nobody's head does not come to experience our strength of using a missile, and more. And specifically the futility of trying to drag us into the outer adventure together with a constructive, ultra-modern update of the defensive shield inspires our traditional Western partners resort to the only remaining, but well tested method of weakening of — to the creation of the internal variable.

It can not be that Putin does not realize it. But if you realize, why allow yourself to insult the Web almost obscene language? In general what is still the favorite for the state, which is universally hiding behind the anonymity of the network, the words being moved from side to side, as if a matchbox?

Yes, you can be above it, not to pay attention to this nonsense, and immediately and fully paid account. But this — the personal, human judgments, the philosophy of "employee", in spite of everything, and in spite of everything and stubbornly Radzivil doing their job. But is it possible not to think about, with what bitterness takes people cruel insults at the address favorite state? And it is not in fact the case, that prohibit, censor, and so on and so forth.

But the answer!

Reply so relaxed, firm and dignified to people, deeply respectful and elect their own public favorite, would be proud of his elect.
How proud in those days, when the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin speaks with his own famous Munich speech, heralding the world about the real return of the Russian Federation on the geopolitical stage, announcing our active participation in the solution of complex international issues of the modern world, is going through a critical step in its development, associated with the end of many years of Western dominance of the global movement and the center of mass in other regions.

That "soft power" in international relations, which read President Putin, speaking to Russian diplomats, now goes to the front plan and in the political life of the country, acquiring new, modern meaning and sound.

But will the president hardness for "soft power"?

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