New report: Since 1997, there was an annual increase in global temperature

March 17, 2013. As reported by The Global Warming Policy Foundation, in a new report, written by Dr. David Whitehouse and published under the Fund policies of global warming, it is concluded that since 1997, there was no statistically significant increase in the annual global temperature.

After a review of the scientific literature, the report concludes that the stability is an empirical fact and a reality that defies the modern climate models. During the time that the global temperature Earth remains the same, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from 370 to 390 ppm.

"Stopping in the dynamics of temperatures — it is a reality and not a result of a summary of data starting and ending point. Beginning of the period of calm can be seen clearly in the data, and it is still going on, "- said Dr. David Whitehouse, author of the new report.

It is shown that the temperature stability was frequently discussed topic in the peer-reviewed scientific literature course years. But this scientific debate should not have most of the media organizations involved in climate research community and prominent scientists.

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The report also shows that in journalistic publications often be found speculation, honest investigative journalism topics climate being preferred lighting squabbles rather than scientific evidence.

"If you stop it will be continued course a few years, it will mean that we will not see a warming of the Earth in course his life, "- said the report's author David Whitehouse.

In his foreword, Lord Turnbull (Turnbull), former Cabinet Secretary and Head of Home Civil Service, commented:
"Dr. Whitehouse is a person who deserves to be heard. He consistently comes to an observational study, not projections of computer models of large-scale, which is too often cited as "evidence." He looked at the evidence dispassionately, trying to establish what message he has to do to us, and not to use it to confirm the preliminary popular opinion. "

Based on: The Global Warming Policy Foundation
Source: News plus comment

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