New Russian aircraft carrier can carry out combat missions in space

New Russian aircraft carrier can carry out combat missions in space

Our homeland is developing a promising new aircraft carrier, which will be fundamentally different from all similar vessels that are in service in other countries. Technical project to develop an aircraft carrier in 2014, and it was built after 2020 will be the first, writes TSN website, citing an interview to RIA Novosti Russian Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky.

According to him, the new carrier will be able to do combat tasks not only in the sea, and in space. Vysotsky explained that modern aircraft carrier operates practically a 2-media — «air (aviation) or, in the best case, the bottom of cosmic orbital grouping.»

«But we want to go further — there is still space, there is the underwater part, has a surface part with unmanaged and managed devices. In other words, in other words, make the combined carrier, which allows to solve a range of problems in virtually all environments, «- said Vysotsky. With all this, he noted that the main focus will be made specifically for aerospace component as dominance in air and space defines and sea supremacy.

As further recalls «TSN», December 1, 2011 on combat duty in Russia entered a new branch — force aerospace defense, which should be the first line of defense against military threats Russian strategic nature. Of cosmic command included the forces and means of control systems of cosmic space of orbital groups as systems of missile warning.

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