New South African armored car «Puma M36»

In South Africa, completed tests of the new armored car «Puma M36», developed by the South African company "OTT Technologies». Armored car belongs to the category of «MRAP» and received the title of «Puma M36 Mk 5". Wheel formula 4×4. Armored car was based on the previous version armored «Puma M26-15" and is, in fact, increased its upgraded version. It is understood that armored car «Puma M26-15" has been exported to at least two countries, one of which was Kenya, which used the acquired May 10 s machines in different operations in Somalia.

According to the developers, all tests have been completed successfully, and in the spring of 2012 machine was ready to go into mass creation in the presence of the signed contract. The main difference between «Puma M36» from «Puma M26-15":
— increased the length of the machine;
— increased width of the car;
— increased capacity of the troop compartment vehicles to 12 marines in full gear;
— availability of all relevant parts of the structure on the category «MRAP».

The Marines are in the mine of personal wheelchairs. Excellent armored corps, can have additional protection in the form of different bronekomplektov. A basic version of the armored car has ballistic protection standard «STANAG 4569" Level 3 and protection against landmine blasts, mines and improvised devices little above «STANAG 4569b» Level 4. Ballistic protection, but fails to protect Marines from 7.62 caliber armor-piercing bullets.

Equipped armored car has a weight of 14,000 pounds, unloaded — about 12,000 pounds. To lower the price of finished armored car he and «Puma M26-15", built with the introduction of the Indian equipment and components:
— 6-cylinder diesel «AL HA 57L 165 'turbo. Motor power 220 hp;
— Box mechanical type «ZF 6S 850 GB». 6 speeds forward, one reverse;
— 2 high-speed transfer case.

Installed suspension — front and rear semi-elliptic leaf springs with dual hydraulic shock absorbers. New armored car able to travel at speeds up to 100 km / h It is dressed with a fuel tank capacity of 290 liters. Provides «Puma M36 Mk 5" to overcome without refueling to 800 km. In addition, a complete set of production machines comes kondyuk and gain control of management.

The main features:
— weight fused / not fused — 14/12 tons;
— wheel formula — 4×4 all-wheel drive;
— diesel engine, power — 220 HP;
— speed armored cars to 100 km / h;
— Fuel tank capacity — 290 liters.;
— Range — 800 km.

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