New super-helmet NASA Augmented Reality

Now the fog and bad weather conditions are not a problem of fighting for American pilots, space agency NASA has developed a new projection helmet.

South American space agency NASA (Langley Research Center) and the Pentagon developed a new device for pilots — helmet Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality).

Virtual Points — part developed supershlema

The essence of new items, which, according to experts, will intrigue not only combat pilots, and the pilots of civilian aircraft, is that the new device, apart from the real picture that was unfolding before their eyes, generates a virtual image. So Makar, the view is complemented. This is especially important in bad visibility criteria that may appear, for example, during the fighting with the production of disorienting smoke or camouflage, as in not a good weather with a rain and dense fog.

The presence of the device sensors and a gyroscopes allow pilots to create not only something that can be behold the naked eye, and getting "to finish" electronic picture of what is nestled natural obstacles. This is a very fundamentally during take-off and landing, and taxiing aircraft on the taxiway and the runway. Specifically, during these operations usually occur Accidents and sufficiently often because pilot something not seen either failed in something sorted out.

Around this "picture" will build a pilot in a new helmet

In addition, the helmet is equipped with a system definition language, which will allow the pilot to give voice commands to various systems of the aircraft.

Augmented Reality developed under the Synthetic Vision — a multi-purpose programs from the Pentagon. South American designers have developed for this program there a number of 'virtual' helmets for aviation.

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