New supersonic plane NASA

Staff NASA preparing to launch a new hypersonic unmanned aircraft X-43A, and more precisely its experimental version. Due to the motor type scramjet, which will equip it, the aircraft can reach speeds exceeding speed sound 10. The aircraft will fix a rocket and would lift by B-52 bombers. The same way with the help of experts at the rocket plane and going to overclock at an altitude of 33 km Disconnect plane, after that he will make a brief flight.

First spring of 2007 were the first successful tests of the aircraft in which he was able to reach a speed of 7 M. Earlier, in 2001, tests were unsuccessful. As reported in some sources, eventually breaking detected rocket boosters. Length of aircraft achieves 3.6 m and a wingspan of 1.5 m Slider that are equipped plane, is an experimental version of the supersonic combustion ramjet engine. The fuel for the aircraft is a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, such makarom plane leaves no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In further such slider will be used to deliver into orbit. The only drawback of such motor is its need for a preparatory acceleration. Tests carried out on the engine itself already spent quite an impressive amount of money. The development of the aircraft involved in the research center.

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