New Ukrainian armored vehicles — BTR-3E with tower Cockerill CSE 90L

New Ukrainian armored vehicles - BTR-3E with tower Cockerill CSE 90L
As part of an international defense exhibition, which was held 17-21 February 2013 in the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine introduced new items armored own production.

Also provided armored car KRAZ-ASV/APC/2013, which was developed in Kremenchug and is based on the all-terrain vehicle, a lot of enthusiasm aroused exhibitors and fire support vehicle based on BTR-3E with an armored turret rotation radial Cockerill CSE 90L Company CMI Defence. Danae machine is evidence that the Ukrainian armored vehicle production has great chances to win back its own sector of the global arms market, namely, the industry’s light armored vehicles.

BTR-3E was created on the basis of another Ukrainian armored personnel carriers — BTR-3E1 (which, in turn, is a modification of the BTR-80) and the Belgian tower CSE 90LP.

The project, according to the director of the municipal enterprise «UKROBORONSERVICE» Eugene Golubenko, is the result of bilateral cooperation of Ukrainian and Belgian enterprises Cmi. He also noted that a memorandum of cooperation between states with 2 was signed in 2012. The main purpose of the document was a joint development and start of serial production joint armored vehicle, which would be adapted to NATO standards. In addition, the document was designed to search for and promising new markets.

E.Golubenko also noted that Ukrainian producers specially adapted for installation of the Ukrainian armored Belgian tower, which gave the possibility to use 90-millimeter shells, appropriate standards of a military bloc. In addition, the project also provides for the introduction of Ukrainian and guided missiles.

Director «UKROBORONSERVICE» stressed that the purpose of adaptation is to create a joint product and competitive access to those markets where traditionally occupy leading position of European manufacturers. Namely, the question of the Middle East and South America. Mass production had cooperated on the capacities of the Ukrainian company «Kiev armored plant.» This project was made possible through the use of inverse funds concern «UKROBORONSERVICE». With all this cheap money was not used in general.

In turn, the director of the Kiev factory Shkavro Vadim said that the creation of an armored personnel carrier — this striking example of what cooperation between Ukrainian companies and the leading European companies are very successful, and that it is based on a fairly highest level of design ideas Russian developers and potential European manufacturers which is consistent with the standards of the world’s toughest.

BTR-3E — is wheeled combat amphibious vehicle, which weighs about 16 tons and has the highest firepower and mobility. Armored crew consists of 9 members: commander, driver, mechanic, hand and 6 paratroopers.

New Ukrainian armored vehicles - BTR-3E with tower Cockerill CSE 90L

At the standard armored personnel can set different power plants, not only Russian, and zabugornogo production. The main feature of the BTR-3E represented at the exhibition, was a double armored fighting compartment and radial tower Cockerill CSE 90LP, nizkoimpulsnoy curb gun, 90 mm coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm. Turret office tower itself is a lightweight and compact combat module, which is quite easy to install on at least some kind of armored vehicles. Featuring contemporary design, superior firepower and reliability of this module has the highest combat fighting qualities. Coupled with the fact it is very easy to manage.

It should also be noted that the Belgian combat module has proven itself on the world market and exported to many countries. Now sold more than 2.5 thousand units of these guns. As ammunition in guns can be applied not only to the modern high-explosive, high cumulative and piercing projectiles, and Ukrainian guided missiles. Gunner and commander can lead armored fire, using all this digital fire control system, gear drives electronic guidance and combined sight. Charges gun manually commander BTR. Implementation of this weaponry enables to solve a huge number of tactical tasks, from conducting the fight against non-state military units to conduct this battle.

According to the developers, a small weight combat module gave the option to save the highest level of mobility armored personnel carriers. Build it anticipates placing the control module in the front part, the fighting compartment in the middle and at the rear of the power plant. Armed with machine multifuel diesel engine rated at 300 horsepower, which enables speeds of up to 100 km per hour. Diesel can be used at temperatures up to 50 degrees, with all this in store for combustible stroke is about 750 km.

On the BTR-3E installed manual transmission, which significantly reduces the cost price armored car in comparison with the machines, which are equipped with automatic transmission. All eight driving wheels APCs can be «booted» not only in tires produced in Russia, and in the French-made rubber Michelin.

Base modification BTR-3E — floating. Together with that, based on available disk imaging, this standard is not intended to overcome aqua-bottlenecking (no water jet and vodootrazhayuschy shield).

Armored personnel carrier armored steel covered Ukrainian production — factories «Zaporizhstal» and «Iron & Steel Works.» Armor is further enhanced through the use of layer of Kevlar. All this guarantees the protection of the crew from the 12.7-mm bullets of the enemy, and in addition — fully meets NATO standards booking. Due to the successful design chassis and armored construction booking superior resistance to impacts affecting cause of the explosion in the event of collision with anti-tank mine.

To the crew and Marines felt more comfortable inside the car, the height was increased troop compartment. Moreover, according to the customer in an APC can be installed the air conditioner (as the practice of using Ukrainian contingent of armored vehicles in Iraq — his presence just need to effectively perform the tasks).

It should also be noted that on this armored vehicle protection device installed ionizing radiation in the case of the explosion of nuclear weapons, also from bacterial agents, poisons and radioactive dust when driving on the infected area.

Entirely conceivable that the new standard armored joint Ukrainian-Belgian production can be offered not only to those countries that already have armed BTR-3 (such as in the current time of 10) as a modernized version, and potential new customers.

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