New Ukrainian BTR-4 MB

The armed forces of Ukraine will soon receive a new armored troop-carrier BTR-4 MB, which is a modification known BTR-4. This modification was developed by the municipal enterprise "Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau in the. Morozov." The enterprise has already completed most experienced the ready reference. As reported in KMDB, the machine will be officially presented in Abu Dhabi (UAE) at the exhibition "Idex", which will be held from 17 to 21 February 2013

Despite this already know some details about the newest car. First, significant processing exposed nose portion hulls. In contrast to the basic model, APC has in front of the door and bronestekol. The nose assembly is configured similarly to the majority of modern wheeled armored personnel carriers with a significant slope, and placement of the commander and driver in separate hatches.

Also gone was the stern of the armored vehicle. Now exit the landing will be used folding ramp, which is made in an extra door. In other words, the paratroopers were able to select the method of exit from the APC.

Body armor protection was increased to STANAG 4569 Level 2 to Level 3. Apart from this, it is possible to install additional protection (including dynamic and clay) with provision of the 4th and 5th levels of protection in accordance with NATO standards. In general, mine protection BTR-4 MB is insufficient, because the harsh configurations for its increase in hull design was applied.

By the assumption of professionals, letter "B" in the index of the new Ukrainian armored personnel means the use of imported diesel engine. On the experimental swatch BTR-4 MB of installed combat module "Sail".

Add that BTR-4 MB is seen as a promising armored troop-carrier for the armed forces of Ukraine. Processing of BTR-4 produced according to the requirements of the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which was subjected to severe criticism of early versions more armored personnel carriers.

Experienced standard BTR-4 MB in a very ready-printed with a coloring (with)

Ace standard BTR-4 MB development of SOE "Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau Morozov" (c) Breynshtil /

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