New world record by helicopter MI-38 is set in Serpukhov District

New world record by helicopter MI-38 is set in Serpukhov District

As part of the FIFA World Helicopter Championships, held last week at the airport PSAs "Drakino" in Serpukhov District, set a new world altitude record on the new Russian passenger transport helicopter Mi-38. Record was established on August 26, ending with a day in the Championship. For setting the record commissioners observed FAI.

Flight to the establishment of a world altitude record in a class 1 helicopters-Eh (10-20 tons) lasted about 40 minutes; height was almost 9,000 meters. Helicopter was climbing for half an hour, and after fixing the record began to drop and landed in 10-15 minutes.

Next Mi-38 is a demonstrative flight profile that included a rising hill, the downward spiral, low-speed turns, vertical climb, dive, turn. The range of heights aerobatics — 70-300 meters, speed — up to 230 km / h

The crew of the Mi-38 were:
— Vladimir Kutanin, honored test pilot of — the captain of the crew
— Salavat Sadr Distinguished Test Pilot Of — the pilot
— Oleg tut, honored test pilot of — the navigator
— Igor Klevantsov, chief engineer of the first class — the side of the operator
According to Captain Vladimir Kutanin crew, this is for him a new record. Though they had been utilized for many types of machines, but the height of 8600 reached the first time.

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" will try to establish on the new Mi-38 has a number of records, including record Load and speed operations.

Average passenger transport helicopter Mi-38 is designed to carry passengers (including VIP-transport), cargo inside the cab and on the outside of the suspension, search and rescue, air support offshore development, can also be equipped as a flying hospital. According to the plans of developers, helicopter E-38 is required to have an inflated capacity, develop a higher speed. The Mi-38 is created with a capacious cargo-passenger cabin and has the highest efficiency engines. Specific labor-intensive maintenance can be reduced through an integrated system of automatic control of serviceability of avionics and engines.

At the moment the project E-38 is on the step of transmitting one of the most experienced machine for flight tests. By the end of their helicopter receive a certificate of airworthiness. Serial production of the Mi-38 is scheduled JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" in 2015.

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