New Year gallaktichesky Our homeland begins with the launch rocket Buzz

New Year Russian space begins with the start-up rocket "Roar"On Tuesday our new home starts gallaktichesky year launch rocket "Hum"With 3-series" Cosmos "double predestination. This will be the first launch gallakticheskogo rocket mission conducted by the troops of ASD in 2013 from Plesetsk launch site.

This start was initially scheduled for December 8, but in the process of training of specialists have identified the fault booster "Briz-KM". The State Commission has decided to suspend all work on the preparation for the rocket launch "Hum. "

"Hum"Created in the conversion applets based intercontinental ballistic missile RS-18, a release from service. First launch rocket from the Plesetsk cosmodrome on 16 May 2000, reports ITAR-TASS. Total from the Baikonur was conducted sixteen starts the media.

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